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Welcome To Online Freedom!

March 22, 2012 Leave a comment

IP Ghoster provides a range of services all devoted to protecting your communications online.  You can review these products through the following pages:

While our website is focused on the consumer products, we are also going to offer a comprehensive suite of enterprise solutions that will obviate the need for VPN infrastructures and overcome online espionage efforts.

This blog will, of course, cover our exciting products as they progress and as we release different features to the world.  That said, this blog is also devoted to providing insights into how our company is evolving from a startup efforts into a hopeful global power that provides the next level of online freedom.  We will have investors and customers blog for us as well as our internal team.  We hope that this view on the inside will help people understand from where we are coming and how we can provide such great tools.

Thank you for reading our blog and follow us on Twitter!

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