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What are the Benefits of Using a Proxy Server

A proxy server is basically a mediator between two different computers. One of the computers is a service provider while the other computer makes the request and is known as the client. The proxy server processes the request made by the client, filters it and then interacts with the service provider on behalf of the client. The service provider then sends the results to the proxy, which may or may not filter the results before sending them to the client.

This in short is how a proxy server works. However what this does not tell you is the advantages that one can gain by using a proxy for internet browsing. Some of these advantages have been described below.


One of the common reasons for users to go for proxy servers is to maintain anonymity during their web browsing sessions. When you are surfing the net, your IP address is recorded every time you visit a web page. Now your IP address is a very powerful piece of information because it can reveal your location and can lead people directly to your system. It also provides the details about your internet service provider and the browser which you are using. Using a web proxy allows you to hide all of this information so that you can surf the web anonymously and safely.

Limiting access

As mentioned above, proxy servers can filter the results. This makes them a very useful tool for companies that want to put restrictions on how employees use the web and different networks. Even schools and parents can use proxy servers to limit the access to the internet for children. There are certain programs and web services that provide parental-control through the process of user authentication. If the users are not authorized to full access, then certain sites are blocked for them.

Faster access to web

Many proxy servers store the results in cache if the there are repeated requests from a particular client. So, the next time the client makes the same request, the proxy server returns the cached image instead of making the entire trip to the service provider. This results in a perceived increase in speed. The caching feature can be really useful for companies because it can help in reducing the bandwidth usage by employees, which in turn reduces the cost.


Malware infection has become a huge problem, especially for corporate setups. A malware is usually installed on the users’ system when they visit a website carrying it. After the malware has infected one system on the network, it can spread quite quickly to other systems. There are certain malware which are quite harmless but there are others which can be used to steal documents and other vital information from the company network. They can even be used to steal passwords, which gives hackers access to the entire network. If a proxy server is being used, the administrator will be able to detect such suspicious activity even if the user is unaware of it.

Overcoming local limitations

There are many countries which do not allow full access to the internet. Also, certain online services operate on the basis of the users’ geographic location. Proxy servers can be a very effective tool for overcoming such restrictions. Proxies mask your IP address so the web service is unable to deduce your real location. You get access to Unrestricted TV which can be useful during local blackouts.

Proxy servers may have a lot of advantages but you need to be cautious while using them. Always ensure that the server you are using is reliable and be vigilant while accessing the web if you want to avoid any security concerns.

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