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Tips For Covering Your Tracks Online

Ideally, the internet is a place where you can anonymously look for information. But then, we don’t live in an ideal world. Every time you visit a website, you leave your traces there knowingly or unknowingly. Details like your IP address, your email id, your name and date of birth and sometimes even your postal code and phone number are obtained from you for various reasons. While some sites do it obviously, some do it without your knowledge. With the help of tracking or spying software available in the market, people can also access the personal emails you send via the internet.

While this may sound scary, the good news is that maintaining anonymity on the internet is possible if you want. Here are a few tips that can help in covering your tracks online.

Check stealth settings

To begin with, check your PCs stealth settings. As a rule, every site you visit will get your IP address by default. But obtaining other information like your location, the sites you visit etc is not very difficult. To prevent others from prying into your online browsing history, you should have a good firewall software in place.

Proxy for safe surfing

A website you access will be able to locate you based on your IP address. Sometimes, because of your geographical location, you may not be able to access services of a particular online service provider. For instance, people of a few countries where online movie streaming services are not available, can use proxy to browse the site as a resident. This way, you can get a number of facilities that you would not have gotten originally.

The only hitch here is that proxies cannot be used by just anybody. But if you can learn how to use them, the sites you visit will not be able to figure out your IP address. This means, they wont be able to track your location or learn about your online activities in any way. Whether it is to gain access to a foreign site or to shop without being tracked, proxies can help you maintain anonymity and surf safely.

Email anonymity

When it comes to email communication, spam is the biggest problem. Everyday, you would be getting hundreds of unwanted mails from people you haven’t shared your email with. The reason for this is simple. Some websites collect your email ids, name etc before they allow access to their site. Once your email id is on the site, it wont be long before it is obtained by spammers. The solution to this problem is also simple – create an alias that is separate from your personal email. Also, it is best to use an email service that has the best spam filters.

Social network security

Social networking sites are where your online privacy is highly compromised. Social networking sites are there for profit and often use the information you provide to generate revenue. Sometimes, by not taking the right measures, you end up displaying your details not just to your friends or their friends, but also to the general public. To restrict access to your information, or your activities on the networking site, you need to adjust the privacy settings for it. Set the privacy level such that only you and your close friends or family can access your personal information.

If you don’t want to continue your relationship with the site, be sure to delete your account rather than just deactivating it.

Using an IM protector software to encrypt your instant messages will also help in removing your tracks online. The best way to stay anonymous and safe while browsing the net is to keep these tips in mind, and also use an efficient online security software to protect your data from prying eyes.

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