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Getting Around Geographical Restrictions

The World Wide Web is a treasure chest for information from around the world. Whether you are looking for text-based content or multimedia content like videos and images, you will find it all on the internet. While some information can be obtained for free, for some you would have to pay. But at times, even if you are prepared to pay, you will not have access to content that you need. One of the reasons for this is geographical restriction, which prevents users from a particular country or region from accessing specific content online. Usually, websites that stream movie and TV videos tend to impose these restrictions for a variety of reasons.

If you enjoy watching videos online, and would like to have unrestricted access to them all, here is how you can watch unrestricted TV from anywhere in the world.

Tips for bypassing geographical restrictions on the internet

Geographic Restrictions are not just limited to video streaming sites like Hulu, YouTube or Netflix. They are often imposed even by ecommerce sites like Amazon, which restricts complete access to its video and ebook collection in some countries. If getting a book or a video of your choice is getting difficult because of this, try the below mentioned tips to overcome the barriers.


A website blocks your access to its geographically restricted content based on your IP address. Your IP address is available to every site that you visit, unless you are using a proxy to hide it. A proxy masks your IP address such that the website owner will not be able to view it or locate where in the world you are from. However, proxies cannot be used by everybody, which makes them the less preferred option for accessing geographically restricted content.

Using VPN

An alternative to using a proxy is to use a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. This is because proxies have to be coded to support different video sites, and may or may not work for all of them. VPN on the other hand, gets you secured access to every program you use, including email and ICQ.

To access content from a particular country’s websites, you need to get hold of a VPN based there. For example, if you are in the UK and want to access the sites in the US, you can use a US VPN to access content that is available only in the US. This way, you will be able to stream your choice of videos or buy books, just like anybody else in the US.

An added advantage of a VPN is that it allows online security and privacy, as it is a closed network.

Using torrents for videos

One of the common ways to obtain a video today is to download it using theBitTorrent client. Torrents can get you unlimited access to videos, ebooks, images and a variety of other content from around the world. However, using torrents is not legal in several countries, including the US. If you don’t wish to break the law or are not comfortable with the BitTorrent processes, you can consider the other options.

Using plug-in modifier

A simpler way to overcome restrictions and stream your favorite TV shows is to use the Modify Headers plug-in in Firefox. While this may not be entirely accepted everywhere, it is a better alternative to using BitTorrent. To use this, you need to install the plug-in first. Once you do, go to the website that streams the videos and select the ‘Modify Headers’ option from the Tools menu to configure it. After that, just refresh the web page and you will be able to access the blocked content without any hassles.

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