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Make Your Internet Browsing Experience More Secure

Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, and with increased dependence on technology comes a greater risk. Some of you may not think much about securing your personal information on the web. But the fact is that online identity thefts have turned into the biggest white collar crimes in most of the countries today. During the last one year alone, about 10 million people have faced identity theft issues. Surveys have revealed that on an average, an identity theft victim loses about $1,200 because of the crime and puts in about 175 hours to resolve the issue.

If you do not want to fall prey to identity thieves, you should follow the techniques mentioned below to ensure a safe browsing experience

Using strong passwords for websites

You must have heard this tip many times before. But it is repeatedly stressed upon because it actually helps. The strength of the password depends upon its length and the complexity. You can have a 10 character password, but it will not ensure security if it is a word from the dictionary. Making the password too complex can also create problems because you will be prone to forgetting it.

The best way to create a strong password is by taking a common saying, a song name, or a word which you commonly use and add special characters to it. For instance, the word transaction can be turned into tr@NsaCt!0n. The modified word has upper case and lower case letters along with numerals and special characters. You can also use online tools, to know whether your passwords are strong enough or not.

Try and avoid free proxies

Proxy services are tools for browsing anonymously, which many people use to watch adult content in private. You get to hide your IP address while using proxies and sometimes, they can even be used to improve the browsing speed as well. However, cyber criminals have started taking advantage of the popularity of these proxy servers. Now there are proxies which provide you free service, but are actually operated by hackers who want to perform illegal activities. Many of these ‘free’ proxies do not have adequate security, which can leave you prone to cyber attacks.

Keep changing your IP address

Your IP address is more than just a set of numbers. It provides information about your whereabouts and other important details about your system like the browser you use. Service providers and websites can also keep a track of the sites that you visit using your IP address. The simplest way to avoid being tracked is to use a secure proxy to hide your IP. Also, many tools that keep changing your IP every couple of minutes are easily available in the market today.

Keep personal information to yourself

Most of the sites require certain details before they allow you to register. With social media sites, this information can be kept private by selecting the right options. However, you can never be sure how other sites will utilize this information. If you are going to use the site for a small duration, it is best to provide fake information.

Using all the features provided by the browsers

Most of the modern browsers realize that users want secure browsing. So, they provide features which allow you to browse anonymously. Also, most of them tell you whether you have a secure SSL connection or not by displaying a small yellow colored lock.

Another common mistake made by many is to browse the web without using an up-to-date anti virus. Often, it is not the major issues but the trivial ones that compromise your online security. So, follow the above steps to ensure that you do not leave yourself vulnerable to cyber attacks of any scale.


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