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Watch Your favorite Shows Online, Even outside US

Watching TV is perhaps the much-loved pastime of people from around the world. Everybody loves to watch TV shows, which can be so good that you get addicted to them. Watching your favorite shows on TV is easy when you are at home. All you need is a cable connection to watch them on TV, or an internet connection to watch them online. The good news about online streaming sites is that you can watch unrestricted TV 24-hours a day, no matter where you are in the US.

But once you are outside the United States, you may not necessarily have access to all the sites that stream US TV shows online. Why? Because of the geographical restrictions imposed for certain American programs. Here are a few ways in which you can overcome these restrictions and watch your favorite TV shows even outside the US.

Using VPNs

Use of virtual private networks is one of the best ways to overcome geographical restrictions on US TV shows and watch your favorite programs even when you travel out of the country. When you get a VPN connection from the US, you can stream any content from US online streaming sites as your actual IP address is replaced with an IP address of the VPN in the US. So even though you are outside the country, the website or the service provider will believe that you are located in the US but won’t be able to track your actual location.

Look for free streaming sites

Another way to watch your favorite US TV shows online is to look for sites that allow free access to the videos no matter where you are. These sites may not exactly be legal in the US, but accessing them is easy once you are outside the country. The best part about these suites is that they often stream a number of old and new television programs, including those that have been lost or forgotten over the years.

Using torrents

Using torrents is perhaps the most common way of accessing the videos you want online. BitTorrent sites have movies and also a hoard of television series from the US and around the world. As using BitTorrent is not illegal in all the countries outside the US, installing the BitTorrent client and accessing the videos of your choice would not be a problem at all. However, the process involved in installation and accessing the necessary files can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you are not so much into technology or software.

Access paid sites outside US

When you are in the US, watching your TV shows on sites like Hulu, Netflix etc can be great because of the quality of videos that are streamed on these sites. But even if you are ready to pay, these sites won’t allow you to access the videos when you step outside the country. Sometimes, you would have already paid for the video and still won’t be able to access them when you have to travel. This is because of the copyright and licensing issues that these sites have to face.

Whatever be the case, the users are the ones losing their money and also a chance to watch their favorite shows, which is not very fair. One way to access these sites is through a paid VPN software, which gives the site an impression that you are in the US. Then again, it is not fair to pay extra to view something that you have already paid for. In such a case, you can always use free VPN services which can easily get you access to these sites.

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