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To Be, or Not To Be Anonymous Online

The World Wide Web is home to hundreds of thousands of blog sites from around the world. While some bloggers are open about their identity, some prefer to stay anonymous. Whether you choose to reveal your identity or hide it, it is a choice you make on your own. But how do you decide which is the right option for you? Here is a look at the reasons why a blogger chooses to, or not to, reveal his or her identity online.

Choose to be anonymous

There are many reasons why one chooses to stay anonymous on the web. One reason is to avoid being being tracked online. Today, the internet is extensively used for marketing products and services. To target the right customers, companies are tracking online behavior of internet users and trying to keep a track of every move they make. Besides that, here are a few other reasons why you could choose to blog anonymously.

Freedom to write anything you want –When the world does not know who you are, you are under no pressure to do what others expect you to. In fact, there are no expectations at all. You can write anything you want to, without worrying about what others may think of you. Also, when you want to discuss a sensitive subject like religion, and don’t want to attract unwanted attention, you could choose to blog anonymously.

Show a different side of your personality – Blogging anonymously could be a great way to show the world a different side to you. Say you have recently acquired an interest in a particular topic like spirituality, and want to share ideas about it. When you are shy or are unsure about what you have to say, you could always voice out your opinions anonymously and see how people respond to it.

When your identity is not a secret

Writing anonymously can be fun and gives you the freedom to express yourself. But it has its own limitations. Blogging anonymously can be a bad idea because of the following reasons.

You cannot drive traffic to your site – If you aim to improve your website’s traffic with your blogs, then blogging anonymously beats the purpose. No matter how good the content is, people may not really trust an anonymous person or click on anonymous links. The best way to drive traffic to your site would be by being honest about yourself, your company and what you have to offer.

You wont get the credit you deserve – If becoming famous is your goal, being anonymous online wont help. If you want the world to credit you for your ideas and your work, they would need to know who you are.

Out of touch with reality – When you create an alias for your blog, you would want to leave your actual self out of it. When you choose to remain anonymous, you wont be able to discuss your online profile or what you write with your friends. Although you may be able to share and talk to other people on the web, you will be under constant pressure to maintain two different personalities and prevent them from overlapping with each other.

If you have started writing a blog to impress your boss, co-workers or your friends, it does not make sense to be anonymous. Added to that, it may not be very difficult for someone to track you online and find out who you are. So unless you are very good at covering your tracks online, being anonymous online may not be such a good idea.

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