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Know How to Download Torrents Safely

Torrents provide you free and easy access to innumerable movies, TV shows, music albums, e-books, documents and what not. But the government ban on torrent sites has made it difficult to access them. The good news is that in some countries, people have been able to find a way around these bans and are still able to download movie and music files of their choice. And in some countries, especially theUS, use of these sites to download copyrighted content is illegal and a punishable offense. While being tracked for using torrents is one of the risks, another is the risk of downloading infected files, that can launch viruses and spy ware into your system.

Using torrents safely

To prevent the viruses and Trojans in torrents from creeping into your system, you should know how to download torrents safely. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind to use torrents safely.

Stick to reputed torrents sites

First of all, avoid downloading torrents from unknown or suspicious torrent sites. Popular torrents sites like thepiratebay.com, ISOHunt, mininova and Vertor are considered to have genuine and authentic files. If you cant find a particular file on these sites, chances that you will find it on any other torrents site is very less. Also, these sites won’t force you to download all the files if you don’t want to. You can select the files you want to download and uncheck what you don’t want, to reduce the download time and to avoid downloading of suspicious files.

Be wary of .exe files

One of the most common ways of getting your system infected with a Trojan or a virus is through .exe files. When you plan to download a free, installable software through torrents, it is best to get only the text file with the serial for it and download the .exe file from the software developer’s site. In case you plan to get the program file through torrents, then it is best to check it for viruses on a test computer and then install on yours.

Look for good torrent content

One of the steps for safe use of torrents is to look for good content on torrents. Good content here  refers to valid files. One way to know the validity of files you are downloading is to check the user comments for the file. If the file is marked bad, downloading it could be a waste of time, or could even be harmful for your computer. Bad torrents are often of low quality, password protected, infected with virus or do not download completely. Good torrents are usually found on reputed sites such as thepiratebay, vertor, ISO hunt etc that scan all the files uploaded on them.

Protecting your system from torrent viruses

Here are a few tips that can help you fight off the viruses in torrent files.

  1. Always use an anti-virus software on your computer
  2. Check file sizes of the torrents you are downloading. If the file size is not what it ideally should be, it is best to avoid the file
  3. Scan your torrents before downloading

Anonymous torrenting

For a completely worry free torrents downloading experience, you should also take care of the legal aspects of torrent usage. If using torrents is illegal in your country, you can use a VPN to download the torrent files anonymously and avoid being tracked online. There are a number of affordable VPNs you can choose from today. But to cover your IP address and to download anonymously, look for a VPN service that is reliable, even if you have to pay a bit extra. After all, wouldn’t it be a waste of money and effort when you pay for being anonymous and still get caught?

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