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Understanding Your Competition’s Digital Marketing Strategy

When you own a business, what your competition is doing is always a concern. To know what they are up to and stay a step ahead of them at all times, it is important that you know how to watch your competition. One of the important steps in this process is to study and decipher the digital marketing strategy that they have employed. When you know and understand the online marketing strategies of your competitors, you can use the information to device a better strategy for your company. So here are a few ways in which you can decode the online marketing strategies of your competitors.

Analyze the competitor’s URL

Once you know who your competitors are, the next step is to check their websites and get a better idea about the company. But to know about the structure of your client’s marketing account, you should focus on the URL. A site’s URL can tell you a lot of things about the digital marketing campaign of the business. For instance, if the URL of a site includes the name of a location, keywords etc, then you know that the business is focusing on Geo-location based marketing. To keep up pace with them, you too may want to include that in your marketing strategy. Why? Because location based marketing allows you to –

  • increase your brand’s awareness in a particular region
  • allows you to focus on location-specific price or quality regulations
  • create location-specific ads, targeting people of a particular region

Track your competition’s partners

Your digital media marketing campaign would be 50% successful when you choose the right media and advertising partners to work with. To stay ahead of your competitors and devise a better online marketing strategy, you should know who they are working with. There are a number of tools that can track the origin of a site’s traffic and also the ad networks and the optimization tools that are being used by it. Such information can also be gathered by going through the HTML tags, but using tracking tools can be a easier option.

Decipher the keyword strategies

As a website owner, you may already know the importance of using the right keywords and keyword usage strategies to attract the right kind of traffic to your site. While understanding of your industry and the niche market you are targeting can help you pick effective keywords, knowledge of the keywords used by your competitor can also be of useful. Again, there are a number of online tools which can be used to identify the keywords that are being used on the competitor’s site.

While not all of the tools you use are accurate, they may at least give you an idea about the kind of phrases being used. This should help you find more effective key words or phrases that can help in bringing more traffic to your site. Also, you would be able to come up with long-tailed, niche key words that are not used by thousands of other sites.

Identify the focus areas

A company’s digital media strategy can focus on many things – branding, customer service, customer acquisition or retention and more. You need to understand what the competitor’s online marketing campaigns focusing on, and what their money is being used for.  Learning this will let you pick up the industry trends that you may have missed and the strategies you have ignored. For instance, your competitor may have a special branded channel on YouTube, which is diverting a huge amount of traffic to their site. Or you may find that the competitor is focusing on customer service through interactive media channels like social networking sites and the like. When you know where your competition is beating you, you will be able to make better, informed decisions for your own marketing campaigns.

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