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Why It Is Important To Protect Your Privacy Online

The debate about importance of online privacy rights has been on for quite some time now. While web users and activists believe that every individual has a right to protect his or her privacy on the internet, business organizations and online marketers believe that tracking of user behaviors online should not be completely banned. When you are online, browsing a particular website, your IP address, your online behavior, the sites you visit etc are are all tracked and stored. This information leaves a trail about your online and even offline activities, telling people what you were doing online, who you were chatting with and even what you were talking about.

Personal details compromised

Not every body who use the internet is keen to share their personal details online. However, the online shopping sites that we use, the mail service providers, and other websites compel you to part with your personal details. The details you share usually include your name, email address, zip code and sometimes your phone number too. The website you share these details with should ideally not exchange them with the others on the net. However, several companies and online directories that obtain your data, share it with the others for a price.

Not only that, the IP address and the email address you share is also used to track your online activities. When information is shared in such a fashion, it can easily land in the hands of cyber criminals and hackers who could use it to their advantage.

Loss of confidential information

When you shop online, you make the payment using your credit card or through your checking account. Unless you choose a highly reliable online shopping site, there is no guarantee that the financial details you share are secure. So the first step to ensure online privacy and security is to pick sites that are reputed and have strict security measures in place.

But even such sites tend to track your activities on their pages, to recommend products that you may like. To shop without being tracked and to prevent online sites from monitoring  your every move, you could also use a proxy server. This wont stop the sites from tracking your behavior, but it will fool them about your IP address and your location.

Cyber crime

According to the latest statistics, cyber crime is on the rise. In fact, the threat from cyber crime and cyber criminals could be bigger than the threat from terrorist groups, according to a few security experts. When online privacy is compromised, criminals can easily get access to sensitive account information like credit or debit card details. Loss of such information leads to the most common cyber crime, which is identity theft.

Identity theft is when a hacker or a criminal gets hold of all your personal information, including your social security number, to make online transactions in your name. This could result in financial loss and can even damage your reputation online.

Prevent easy access to your details

Usually, cyber criminals like hackers tend to obtain important information about a person’s private life by accessing the personal email accounts. But at times, people don’t even have to hack your account to know about you. They can just Google you and get all the information they want.

To prevent making your information public, and bring down your chances of becoming a cyber crime victim, avoid sharing too much information on the web. Even if you share your details on networking sites, be sure to set the privacy settings high to make your data secure.

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