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Online Social Media Accounts: Authenticity v/s Anonymity

Before social media became so rampant and omnipresent, the online identity of a person was almost impossible to verify. No one even cared if the person behind an email id was the same person who you thought it was. But due to social media, things have become more transparent. Even though social media accounts have sufficient privacy features, you can easily get an insight into the personality of an unknown person. Professionals and other users of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts have a mixed opinion to this trend.

People are Gradually Starting to Stress on Authenticity

Gone are the days when people didn’t care who they were interacting with as long as they got their replies on time. Before, an introduction would be just your name and email id. Today, sharing your Facebook or Twitter account link is preferred. This is because people want to know who they are dealing with.

When there is a provision for getting to know a person without meeting or conversing with him/her, it is only natural that they gravitate towards taking that option rather than shying away from it. Even for professional interactions, it is always better to have some knowledge about the personality of the other party than assuming things and going by whatever details the other party has provided you with.

Are Social Media Profiles Completely Authentic?

Some experts are of the opinion that it is wrong to judge a person based on his/her social media account. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow user to post any pictures they want, as long as they comply with the copyright rules. So, users are free to display whatever information they want on their accounts.

There is no law that emphasizes social media accounts have to be genuine. Some users have taken advantage of this fact and created fake accounts, each one depicting a different person. These fake social media accounts give the impression that you know the person who you are interacting with, but in reality, you really don’t know. There have also been reports of people having more than one Facebook account.

There was one reported case where a particular user used his social media account to befriend and take advantage of unsuspecting female counterparts. This is worse than an anonymous social media account. Because of such instances,  people will be wary of when interacting with strangers and find it hard to trust anybody online.

Interlinking of Accounts Might Help in Verifying the Authenticity

Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have features where you can interlink your other social media accounts to one another. This will mean that an update on one account will update the other accounts also. There are multiple benefits of this feature.

When you have a simple Gmail ID, you can take a peek into the Google+ profile of that ID. If the ID is linked to a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account, then you can view those profiles too, subject to the security settings. Uniformity will mean that the account may be genuine. But a smart user can create aliases in all the popular social media platforms, guessing this particular verifying method of yours. So, there is every chance that you can still be fooled.

No Foolproof Way of Verifying If an Account is Genuine or Fake

Unless you interact with the other person personally over any medium that involves a one on one interaction, there is no way of verifying  the authenticity of the person. While anonymity on the web may seem like an interesting option,  it is important to understand that it is always better to know someone in person before interacting with them, even through the social media platforms.

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