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How To Bypass Local Blackouts to Catch Up On Live NFL Games?

Local Blackouts are probably the worst thing that could happen when you are watching a live NFL game. The reason for the blackout can be varied, but at the end of the day, you will be missing out on the game. There are many ways to overcome local blackouts and catch up with the game on the internet. Some of them are illegal while others require extensive knowledge of computer and internet networks.

But here are a few simple ways to bypass the local blackout and watch live streaming of your favorite NFL game.

Using Media Streaming Devices

This method will require the assistance of an accomplice who is watching the game in a non-blacked out region.  They will be streaming the media from their TV to your computer, laptop, or any other device with internet connectivity.

There are certain tools that help you in streaming live TV to PCs and other devices. You can search online for those tools and find the one that best suits your requirement. Your helper has  connect your chosen tool to the TV and select the streaming option. There will be an URL which is used to access the media stream. Your partner can share that URL with you.

The remaining steps are simple. All you need to do is access that stream using the URL you have been provided with. There will be a delay of a couple of seconds but you can watch the live feed of the NFL game. Here, only internet charges are applicable. That is excluding the initial cost of the streaming gadget you choose.

Usage of Proxy Servers

Another way of accessing the live feed from your PC or laptop is  to reroute your connection through a proxy server. For those of you who are not aware of what a proxy server is, it is a standalone server through which you can redirect your internet traffic. For example, say that  you are living in Los Angles and you need to watch a game being streamed somewhere else. Obviously, you do not have access because you are in a blacked out region.

Usually, blackouts are ensured through the monitoring of IP addresses that is accessing the feed. If the IP address is from a blacked out area, access is denied to the server. Else, it is granted. When you use a proxy server, you will be using that server to access the feed. When you use a proxy, it is the IP of the proxy server that will be visible to the source server, and not the IP from the blacked out region. So, the server will grant access and you can easily access the feed.

How to Access A NFL Feed Using a Proxy Site

Use the internet to find a proxy site. There are hundreds of proxy sites but not all of them are legit or unrestricted. Finding one maybe tricky but if you look closely at a couple of results, you will get an idea on how to differentiate an authentic proxy site from a fake one.

The next step is to change the settings of your browser to proxy settings. You can use the internet as a source for finding out how to do this. Then, you get to the tricky bit of bypassing the blackout. You have to try out a couple of proxy sites, as most of them are not capable of streaming a live feed. You can verify by accessing a YouTube video. If it runs smoothly, so will your NFL feed. The next step is to type in the URL for a live NFL feed and you are good to go.

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