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Your Online Information is in High Demand

When you upload pictures on social networking sites, update your wall on Facebook, like a post or a page, apply online for a credit card or involve in anything else online, all your activity will be recorded by the ISP, the site you are on, or in some cases, a government sponsored tracking agency. But it will not end with tracking.

All this information is recorded and sold sometimes. This might be shocking for some people but your online activity is a mystery for companies who heavily depend on the online image they have for their business. For them, information on online activity is very precious and they are willing to pay money to obtain it.

How Can Information Be Valuable?

Imagine a company which is selling a product intended only for people of a specific age group, say teenagers. When they design an advertisement, they tend to think like a potential customer, and try to display what he or she is looking out for. But more often than not, they fail to understand the mindset and take the wrong decisions. For the companies, the first impression is something which is very valuable. Once a company acquires a bad name (online image), then it is very difficult for it to bounce back and get into the good books of the customers.

To avoid this, the companies buy information pertaining to the online customer behavior from other companies that hold the recorded data. They can study it to gather information on exactly what the target audience is looking for and take steps to incorporate those things in their offerings. This might be done by either making some changes to the products or changes to the advertising strategy. This method has time and again proved to be extremely efficient. A survey stated that the success rate of this approach is almost 90%, which is an excellent figure in terms of online marketing.

How Will It Affect The Average Internet User?

Since companies mostly concentrate on studying data related to groups, you don’t have anything to worry as an individual. But there is a very high probability of the data being misused. Even though it is a probability, you cannot ignore it. The chances that your data will be picked by the miscreants from the group are also very high.

Consider this example, which was a real recorded case. A pretty girl’s online data was tracked and all the personal information including pictures and online activity was recorded. Using these pictures, a miscreant created an anonymous social media account in the girl’s name and posted some obscene pictures of her on social networking sites.

This wasn’t noticed by the girl until someone pointed out about this to her. Although law enforcement authorities managed to catch the culprit behind this act, the girl was subjected to a lot of humiliation and mental trauma. Even though the pictures were not real and everyone knew about the misuse, it was still unacceptable form the girl’s point of view.

Thousands of Similar Cases Go Unreported

The above mentioned case is just one of those solitary ones which have been noticed, and where measures have been taken against the miscreants. Hundreds of similar cases go unreported and trouble mongers are having a free run. The only solution is to stop tracking the data, but this move is being met by a lot of opposition from the law enforcement agencies, stating security concerns. At the end of the day, all your online activity is being tracked. So make sure that you stay on guard against these things to avoid falling prey to them.

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