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Is Siri a Spyware? Apparently Yes!

Ever since Siri was introduced in the iPhone, tech lovers around the world cannot seem to stop raving about it. The application also deserves that much attention as it is one of the most revolutionary mobile apps we have been witness to in the modern day. With voice commands, it can help you in performing a host of actions from placing a call and sending a text message to updating a calendar event and offering suggestions on places you go lunching, the best places to shop and even the holiday destinations you might want to visit.

However, you must be aware of the fact that Siri usage is being tracked continuously by Apple. Even the user agreement states that you are agreeing to be tracked in a bid to improve Siri and release more evolved versions of it. All the data is being sent to theNorth Carolinafacility of Apple, and being stored and analyzed there. But isn’t this what a spyware does? This means that Apple has stores of data which can help any internet stalker or tracker in itsNorth Carolinaoffice.

Why Divulge the Information?

Experts are questioning Apple’s move of revealing that they are tracking anonymous user information and also storing it in itsNorth Carolinacenter. One security expert, on the condition of anonymity, said that if Apple is indeed using the data only for the development of Siri, why divulge the information about where the data is located. This has opened doors for iPhone hackers (who are aplenty, considering the number of iPhone users present in this world). Apple has not only revealed that they are tracking the info but revealing its exact location, making the job of a hacker even easier. They will exactly know which location to target based on the IP address and it is only a matter of time before they get through, irrespective of the security measures.

Apple says there is No Reason to Panic

Edward Wrenbeck, the team head of the group which developed Siri, said that there was no reason for Apple iPhone users to panic as Siri is truly inside the Apple scheme of things and there is no reason for the consumers to fear their data going into the wrong hands. He said that although the data is tracked, there has been no tabs kept on the user and the data is classified in a way such that the person who gets his/her hands on it will not have anything specific or substantial information to cause any damage. But this seems like a lame response from the member of a company which prides itself on quality, attention to detail, and adopts a no compromise strategy with all its products.

IBM Bans iPhones For Its Staff

IBM refused to buy the explanation provided by Apple for the Siri dilemma and banned all its employees from using iPhone. They reasoned that although Apple is committed to providing the utmost security to its consumers, IBM cannot risk its employees being tracked by the software. Their concerns are valid considering Siri also records voice data for analysis which can be used in any way. Furthermore, Apple and IBM are competitors on some fronts. The primary business rule is to watch your competition, and even though Apple might not use the data for their advantage, it is not worth the risk for IBM to ignore the possibility. The only logical move on their part was to ban iPhone usage for their employees.

Although there has been no reported incident caused due to Siri, you still cannot ignore the fact that there is a potential threat in the usage of one of the most favorite mobile applications.


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