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Need Access to Blocked Sites? Get Innovative

If there is anything frustrating, it is not being able to access the websites of your choice. Sometimes, it is the government that censors certain sites if they contain explicit messages or videos that could threaten the peace and security of the nation. But other times, even completely harmless sites that provide email, social networking and other interactive services are blocked at schools and workplaces. Usually, access to such sites is prevented to ensure that the employees are not distracted from their tasks.

While it may seem fair from an employer’s point of view, it is certainly not acceptable by the employees. If you are having trouble accessing your favorite sites at work, or at school, may be it is time to get a little creative.

Change URL or Access Through Other Sites

This is perhaps one of the smartest ways to access blocked sites. First, you need to look for sites like Screen-Resolution and Browsers Shots, which allow you to access other websites through their site. Screen-resolution.com allows you to check a particular website in different resolutions, and also allows you to navigate through the different pages on the site. Browser shots, which is similar, also allows you to access the web pages on a particular site, but does not allow you to navigate through it.

Another way of accessing a blocked site is to tweak its address a little. When a site is blocked, you will not be able to access it using a particular URL. For instance, when the Torrentz.com site was blocked recently, people were not able to access it when its URL began with ‘HTTP://’. But when they changed that to ‘HTTPs://’, they were able to access the site despite the censorship. Likewise, see if you can access by modifying the URL of the site.

Use Google Cache

Web pages of different sites are cached by search engines like Google and Yahoo. The cached pages of the site are older versions of the web pages and are stored in the search engines’ servers. System administrators are smart enough to add even these cached pages to the list of blocked sites. But if they are not, you would be lucky. In case the cached pages in one search engine, say Google, are blocked, try to access them in another search engine like Yahoo or Bing.

Translation Services Online

This is yet another innovative way of accessing blocked website at your workplace. When your admin blocks a particular website, you wont be able to access it directly through the address box. However, you can use the Google translate or Yahoo BabelFish that are used for translation the web pages of a particular site. Even though the site you need is already in English, or any other language you prefer, you can try re-translate the page to access it. Or look for different language versions of the page you want to access and translate it.

Get the Web Pages Delivered to Your Inbox

There are numerous mail services that offer to send web pages to your inbox. Webinmail and Web2Mail are two of them. Using these services, you can get the content from the chosen site straight into your inbox.

Yauba and Wayback Machine

Yauba is known as first anonymous search engine of the world. When you use this, it links your web browser and the target site through their servers. This means you can browse the web anonymously and safely, without worrying about how to stop cookies/tracking online. Another such online tool you can use is Wayback Machine, which is an online service that stores the copies of all web pages on a site from time to time. It basically creates an archive of all the web pages from the time the website was started. However, you may or may not be able to access the current page of the site.

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