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Browsers To Become BitTorrent File Sharing Hubs

BitTorrent has been around from ages. Ever since the concept was introduced, it has been an instant hit with internet users. It not only allows easy downloading options, but also enables you to upload media without having to worry about transferring it into any servers. Over the years, many changes have been made to BitTorrent. Opera has included browser support for BitTorrent more than five years ago.

There are many other tools which will help you in downloading BitTorrent files through browsers. These tools can be either installed on your system as standalone software or added to your browser as plug-in. There is also the most popular uTorrent client which is one of the most widely used tools across the world.

Scope For Development

BitTorrent Inc. is not resting on the laurels. They feel that although the current methods of downloading are excellent, there is so much more that can be done on the downloading front. BitTorrent is committed to providing worry free torrents and is constantly focusing its vast resources into making torrent downloading even better than what it currently is.

Alpha Version of ‘Torque’ Released

To further improve the torrent experience for BitTorrent users, BitTorrent has released the alpha version of ‘Torque’. This project will give the users all the tools and platforms required to code and develop their own web based applications. It is aimed at further integrating file download using BitTorrent into the browser, enabling faster downloads and lower overheads.

A representative of the San Francisco based company said that the company was aiming at giving BitTorrent users, who are also into development, all the freedom to develop applications which they wanted. This not only helps in addressing user requirements directly but might also save the company thousands of dollars for research and development.

Two Applications Already Available

To substantiate their claim that Torque will indeed make a difference to torrent downloading, BitTorrent Inc. has already launched two apps which are available on the market. One is designed as an extension to the existing Google Chrome browser and the other is a tool which is named as ‘Paddle Over’.

The Google Chrome extension will allow the user to download torrent files form the internet, the same way you download a normal file. You just look up the file you want to download and click on the download button. The plug-in will do the rest. This works just like an uTorrent client. The only difference is that it is now available as an extension for Google Chrome.

The other application, ‘Paddle Over’, is more of a file sharing app than a downloading app. This application will allow you to share files over the internet with a person or a group of people. You will have the freedom to invite whoever you want to share the file with and only those people will have access to the files. You will have to share a link to the person who you invite into the sharing circle.

Expect a Few Glitches

Since ‘Torque’ is still the alpha version, you can expect a few glitches while using it. No new app is foolproof and even though you might face a problem or two, the functionality of these apps more than make up for it.

The lead development engineer at BitTorrent Inc., who is responsible for the development of Torque, Patrick Williams, said that JavaScript is used for the development of these applications intentionally. He reasoned out that simpler the programming language used, more accessible the technology will be. He said that torrent technology will develop at an astonishing rate, now that they have taken the first step.

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