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The Mirage Known As Online Security

Online security has always been one of those debatable topics which will never go out of date. As long as you have an online presence, online security issues will also be there. But the problem is that as security providers work hard to provide new and improved security solutions, there are hackers who are working harder in parallel to find ways to get past even the toughest security measures. This is a never ending cycle as there are talented people working on both sides of the border, each one trying to get the better of other. This has reduced online security into a mirage, something which we can see but in reality, it does not exist.

Even the Best in the Business Are Victimized

Recently, there was a worldwide shock when Yahoo, Billabong and Crikey’s sites were hacked into and a lot of user information was stolen. Yahoo was the most shocking of all, considering the reputation and the fan base they have built for themselves. Even a retailer like Billabong and news website like Crikey was not spared. All this makes us wonder if it was negligence on the part of the company or ingenuity on the part of hackers which made this attack possible. The answer to this question is – a combination of both.

No Discernible Pattern

If you think that online hackers have a pattern of attack and a purpose, you are wrong. They are just on the lookout for weak security measures and if they find one, they will hit it. It doesn’t matter if their hit gives them information which is of value or not. The fact that they hacked into the site is something which they place high value on.

This lack of predictability has made the job of online security vendors even harder. If they knew where the hackers are going to hit next and or how they are going to hit, they can take evasive or counter-measures. With the volume of sites growing exponentially on a daily basis, it is literally impossible to closely monitor all the sites and point out which ones are more vulnerable than the others.

Identifying Flaws Holds the Key for a More Secure Future

If you want to make sure that your site or profile will be secure in the upcoming days, then your best bet is to learn from others’ mistakes. Yahoo was quick to identify the flaws and rectify it, giving its users the all-clear. But Billabong is still figuring out how the breach happened. This is disturbing news because, the hackers have outsmarted Billabong online security experts and they still have the upper hand over them.

Outthinking the Opposition

In today’s world, online security is all about outthinking the opposition. Hackers do not have the time or the resources to analyze each and every site on the World Wide Web. If a site looks secure, hackers will give it a pass nine times out of ten. If it doesn’t, they will look at it more closely and find ways to breach it.

If you have a security solution from any of the leading providers, the most important aspect you will notice in their regular updates is the secured feel to the PC or the network they are protecting. This mirage or the appearance of security is what keeps most hackers away.

The solution might be something as simple as instructing the browser to stop cookies/tracking online, or something as complicated as hiding your personal information in all the sites you visit online. At the end of the day, what matters is that you are safe and secure, irrespective of the method used to achieve that.  

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