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Can ‘Do Not Track’ Systems Really Protect Your Online Privacy?

Consider a scenario where you perform a Google search, or use any other search engine, to look for a product which caught your fancy. You visit the official site, take a look at it and feel that it might not be the one you are looking for, or decide to consider it later and get on with your job. Imagine your surprise when a pop up of the same product comes up when you visit another website.

That is the beauty and the bane of online tracking. Even though you might want to appreciate the ingenuity behind the targeting methodology, there is a serious threat to your online privacy and security in these kinds of scenarios, as there is a need for the user information to be tracked and recorded.

‘Do Not Track’ Options in Browsers Will Not Effectively Stop Tracking

When you browse after enabling the private/do not track option, you will not get any pop-ups of the type mentioned above. However, you cannot be sure that your online activities are not being tracked. There are companies who are willing to pay thousands of dollars to get their hands on the online behavior pattern, which makes this data is a goldmine for tracking companies.

The Federal Trade Commission is aggressively promoting the privacy of online shoppers by providing them tools to ensure that they are not subjected to passive advertisements. Passive advertisement is nothing but the ads which are displayed to you, irrespective of whether you like them or not. But as mentioned previously, your actions might be recorded and stored on a server somewhere.

Data can be used in Both Ways

One of the reasons why FDC is promoting the provision of do not track option is that the data collected can be used in both good and bad ways. Companies which gather online data stress on the fact that they do it on a large scale and it is practically impossible to track the data of a single person or a group of people. But in today’s world, anything is possible. There are algorithms which can sort terabytes of data in a matter of minutes. So, if someone really wants a specific piece of information, he/she can get it irrespective of the size of the database.

Tracking Users of Proxy Servers

Some users rely on proxy servers to hide their original IP address and also for accessing sites from other countries to which they do not have access to. This might be for any purpose, from gathering information to gaining local market access. But the proxy server providers will have the original user information and they have the means to track all your online activities. You may be thinking that you are safe from tracking but on the contrary, you are potentially at risk.

Online Security Providers

The only foolproof way of ensuring that you are not being tracked is to employ the services of some of the leading online privacy providers. You can get a list of companies which will offer you the best services available and choose anyone from the top three or four. They will effectively protect your online privacy using their custom designed software and ensure that your tracks are covered, irrespective of the site you visit online. The software will protect you and your network from any intrusions and your privacy will be guaranteed.

The basic rule of online security is that you should be prepared for an attack any day. So, you cannot be 100% sure that you will be protected if you buy the services of a particular provider. The top players have a good track record and hence, you will have a lesser chance of being victimized if you buy their products.

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