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Four Steps to Help You In Customer Privacy Protection

It is not just Google, Facebook, Sony or Nvidia who should worry about the privacy of their users or customers. A recent survey noted that more than 8.5% of companies have lost their clients’  trust because they failed to protect the clients’ privacy. This is a serious issue indeed, considering the damage it can do to your company’s reputation. Even if you take steps to rectify it after the damage is done, you might not be able to regain the same image you had earlier. At the end of the day, your company’s name will be ruined.

You might not face this issue if you are a small organization. But with time, a well administered organization will grow both financially and with respect to the range of services it is offering. At that time, your company will be a hot target for hackers. You cannot to afford to learn from your mistakes also. Here are a few steps to help you in ensuring that the privacy of your company’s clients is not compromised.

Don’t Gather and Store Data Unless Absolutely Necessary

When you are dealing with a client, you don’t have a choice but to gather and store some information about them. However, there is no rule that you will have to retain all of it once the project is completed. It is inevitable that you will have to save some of the collected data. But there is a lot of overhead which will be involved. Make sure you identify the unnecessary data collection processes and terminate them. It is not sufficient if you just stop cookies/tracking online option. You will have to identify even the indirect ways, in which you might be gathering unwanted, yet sensitive, data and end those processes.

Be Aggressive in Your Approach to Data Security

Make sure that you are active in securing the data of your company and your clients. It might involve hiring a good security team or employing the services of a leading security service provider. In any case, advertise this fact. Clients need to see that their information is safe and they feel secure with you. When they see that a leading player in the market is responsible for the security of your network, they will involuntarily feel that their information is safe with you.

Perform Privacy Audit for All the Data Collected

One of the main causes for concern in a growing organization is that their services are growing constantly and consequently, the type of data they gather will also be changing. Perform regular privacy audits for all the data you gather. Hire a legal expert to identify the legal obligation you owe to the people from whom you collect data. If  your company is handling data related to financial transactions, medical data, data related to minors, etc, you will have to be more careful as they are sensitive and are the most liable to be misused.

Data Security

You might want to consider using the latest security measures to ensure that your data will not fall into hands of miscreants. You can consider the various techniques such as usage of network firewalls, using fake servers as a decoy, the latest anti-hacker tools and even data encryption. Also, let your customers know how you are securing the data so that they will feel a sense of security when they are dealing with your company. Also, try to limit the number of people who have access to all the data. If an employee should have access, make sure that it is absolutely essential.

All the above steps are just a few ways to protect the privacy of your customers. There are numerous other ways in which you can protect your customers’ privacy. Although it is practically impossible to adopt all those methods, try to use the best of them.

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