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Techniques to Bypass the Protect IP Act – PART 1

The ‘Protect IP’ act has been raising a lot of concerns amongst the internet community, because of the  implications it has. True, it is a move to protect the copyright and intellectual property of some of the best creative minds. But the methodology adopted by it is not sound. Some have gone as far as saying that it is curbing the right of free speech, is politically unsound and also unconstitutional. But the fact of matter is that the act is not doing much to protect the copyrighted material online. Online pirates have found ways to successfully bypass these measures and piracy continues to thrive. The people who are affected are small and medium businesses who are just innocent bystanders.

To ensure that you are not affected by the ‘Protect IP’ act, here are a few legal ways to  bypass it. You will be able to access most of the DNS blocked sites using these techniques. Do not worry even if you are not technologically inclined. These techniques are fairly straightforward and easy to understand.

Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network or VPN is probably the easiest and the best way to bypass the protect IP act. The concept this technology is very simple and there lies its USP. A VPN will create a tunnel between the source (your computer) and destination (the URL you enter) so that no one can gain access to the data flowing back and forth. Although there are a lot of complicated details involved, the basic idea is that it will create a network path which cannot be intruded. In addition to that, the data flowing back and forth will be encrypted so that even if someone does gain access, it will be junk unless they have the decryption key.

This  is one of the most widely preferred techniques for protecting your online privacy. There are a number of VPN providers and you can choose the one which is within your budget and meets your requirements. The reliability of the service and the associated costs are a couple of things you have to keep in mind. Some providers also impose bandwidth restrictions on their users after they exceed a certain limit. So, make sure you iron out all these details before choosing your VPN service provider.

Hosts File Usage

Using the hosts file is a way of accessing the site without using the DNS server. This will allow you to access any site even though its DNS is blocked, because the DNS will never pop up in the access routine. Hosts file will be present on the computer of a majority of users but most of you are not aware of how you can use it to your advantage. You will have to directly key in the name of the domain you are trying to access and the site will appear in spite of its DNS being blocked. This technique is very popular among people who are using anonymous social media accounts to hide their real identity online.

Even though hosts file usage will completely eliminate the usage of DNS while accessing sites, there are a few issues you might face, the foremost being the maintenance of the file. You will have to keep updating and finding an IP address you have to use. Also, you might face some trouble while accessing sites even if there is a slight mistake on your part while setting up the service.

The two techniques mentioned above are, by far, the most efficient and risk free ways of bypassing the DNS block. The second part of this article will give you more ways on bypassing the DNS block and accessing sites which are blocked by the new protect IP act.

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