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Techniques to Bypass the Protect IP Act – PART 2

In part-1 of this article, we have discussed about the top two techniques for accessing the sites blocked by the protect IP act. Using VPN and Hosts file technique will not only help you bypass the DNS block, but will also help you in protecting your identity on the internet. There are many advantages of these methods. For starters, you have  worry free torrents access. Since you cannot be tracked, you cannot be identified and warned. So, everything you download will appear to be originating from an anonymous location and will lead the authorities nowhere.

There are a few more techniques you can use to bypass the DNS block instigated by the protect IP act. Although these methods are not as well known as the ones mentioned in the first part of this article, they are highly effective and have their own set of advantages.

TOR Usage

Today’s tracking technology has improved to such an extent that even if you are using a proxy server, you can be tracked with the right tools and techniques. To counter this, TOR was developed. TOR is nothing but a set of interconnected proxy servers. They can be based anywhere in the world and they are connected through the World Wide Web. When you access a site through TOR, you will be going through a path of various proxy servers.

Even if anyone wants to track you, they will have to go through all the proxies, which is theoretically and practically impossible. Using TOR will give you an outsider’s perspective of a local website, i.e. you will be able to view a website as it appears to someone who is not located in your country. This technique is used by many people for downloading data using torrents. It will ensure that you can download torrents  without fretting about being tracked.

There are a few minor issues while you are using TOR. To access some sites, you might have to download and install some software. Sometimes, you might not be able to access the site you want to visit straightaway because your signal might have been interrupted in any one of the proxies through which it is passing.

Using a DNS Look-Up Tool

A DNS look up tool is basically software which will give you a list of IP addresses which are valid. You can obtain and save the list of the IP addresses for the servers of the domain you intend to visit. If you find that the DNS is blocked due to the protect IP act, you can use one of the IP address and access the site. All you have to do is just type in the IP address in the place of URL and you have complete access. One of the major advantages of this technique is that you can obtain multiple IP addresses and until the server IP address is the same, you can use the ones you generated.

One of the major drawbacks of this system is that you will have to generate the list of IP addresses before the site is DNS censored. Otherwise, all the addresses you generated will become invalid.

Command Prompt

This is like getting back to the basics. Before Windows was introduced, MS-DOS was the operating system which most people used. You can use the same old command prompt to get over the DNS block. Without going into too many complex details, here is the basic procedure you need to follow. Open command prompt and obtain the IP address of the DNS censored site. Type ‘ping <domain name>’ and you will have the IP address of the site. Even after it is blocked, you can access the site by using the obtained IP in place of the URL.

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