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Latest Online Threats You Need To Be Wary Of

Ten years ago, if someone had claimed that there was a way of remotely tracking you via information you provide by yourself, the concept would have been a big joke. Unfortunately, the joke of that day has manifested itself into a reality in today’s world. Social networking sites, which are used by almost everyone today, are a treasure trove of information for stalkers and without infringing any laws, they can easily keep a track of your lives.

The biggest threat from this is to your privacy, especially online privacy. If any of these miscreants get a hold of your social media accounts, they have the potential to irreparably damage your reputation.

Knowledge is Power

The best way to counter these threats is by creating awareness about them. Hackers are evolving at such a rapid pace that they are combining human psychology, advanced networking techniques and anonymous social media accounts to lure unsuspecting people and gain access to their data. To avoid falling prey to the devious plots of hackers, you can educate yourself on the techniques they use to target you. The next time you feel that there is an attack, you can immediately recognize the danger and take measures to protect yourself. Here are some of the most recent trends noticed in online hacking.

Businesses Accept That Hacks Are Inevitable

Most organizations have understood the fact the online security is a battle of wits and will between the protectors and the invaders of the cyber world. As long as the protectors (anti virus and other network security measures) have the upper hand, the networks are safe from any sort of intrusion. But the hackers never cease their efforts and will be constantly trying different techniques. Sooner or later, they will succeed.

This knowledge has enabled businesses to me more careful about the type of information they store and where they store the confidential information. They would be prepared for the worst case scenario, which means that even in the event of a breach; the damage caused can be recovered from. It is a good idea for every user to adopt this strategy and safeguard his/her most sensitive data.

Mobile Malware Will Rise

Mobile devices have become such an integral part of our lives that some of us can live without out laptops and tablets, but cannot endure a single moment without out cell phones. Hackers have identified this trend and are targeting mobile devices. Mostly, the Android operating system is the main target as it is easily accessible and the malware can be tested and tweaked with the aid of the latest versions of the software. The malware can do anything from record usage data from the mobile of the users to change registry files, corrupt the hard disk, steal passwords, etc. If you notice anything fishy with your Android phone, make sure that you get it checked.

Anti Theft Protection for Your Mobile Devices

One of the most obvious risks for mobile devices is losing them. Even though you use the latest security measures to ensure that your mobile device is not lost, if you lose it, the data can be misused if it falls into the wrong hands. So, you have to ensure that you have measures to ensure that the data in your mobile devices is not compromised. One of the ways of doing it is to install tracking software which will help you in tracking down the mobile even when it is not being used. The other method is to enable remote data wiping. When the phone is lost, you can remotely wipe the data if you have enabled the service.

These are a few of the many security trends you need to be wary of. Even if you have a shred of doubt, take measures to ensure that you are completely safe before relaxing, as you never know what might happen the next minute in the cyber world.

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