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California’s Way of Protecting Online Privacy

Online privacy has been a cause for concern for the netizens for a long time now. The rise of social media networks, in which users voluntarily provided their personal and location related information, raised the issue to an all new level as people had never realized that the implications of their actions could be so serious. Although most companies are beefing up their approach towards protecting the online privacy of its customers, there have been regular reports of breaches and the average Joe being victimized.

This has prompted the government of the State of California into taking matters into their own hands. They are now taking strict measures to ensure that they protect the online privacy of the citizens of the state.

Using Existing State and Federal Laws to Protect California’s Netizens

To protect the privacy rights of California’s netizens, the state government has established a new unit in the state’s Department of Justice. The unit is called Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit and is completely responsible for all online privacy and other online security related issues. This is an aggressive step from the state government and the residents of California can breathe a sigh of relief, as the internet companies will take online privacy more seriously now because the government is involved. This unit will use the laws on online privacy, which are already present (both state and federal laws), to help ensure the online privacy of the California state’s netizens.

Increasing Accountability in Terms of Protecting Online Privacy

An interesting move on the part of this privacy enforcement unit is to hold the companies behind the sites responsible for protecting the online privacy of their clients. This is a very smart move, which will not only motivate the companies to beef up their security measures but will also give them a system through which they can keep tack of how things are going on the privacy protection front without being directly involved in the  process.

If a user of a particular internet company faces online privacy issues, the unit will take the company  officials to the task and grind them. If it is a case of negligence or lack of competence on the company’s part, the unit has the authority to fine the company and warn them against future, similar issues.

Top Companies Respond by Strengthening Their Mobile Security Policies

Following the approval of the Golden State’s Privacy Protection Act (which incidentally is touted as one of the strongest privacy laws ever implemented in the United States), many companies have consented to step up in their efforts to increase the mobile privacy of its customers. Facebook, the leading social networking site in the world, was in the line of fire last fall. An Australian blogger, Nik Cubrilovic, had raised his voice against the cookie tracking method adopted by the social networking company in his blog. He had said that even if you stop cookies/tracking online, you could still be tracked as Facebook was so keen to access your location in a bid to make the posts more complete and comprehensive.

Effects of this Government Initiative

The above mentioned incident is one of the few which has come to the attention of the general public. There are incidents like this reported on a daily basis. However, this no-nonsense approach from the California State Government will definitely improve the online privacy of California State’s residents and the citizens of the entire United States of America in the near future. The response given by internet companies are already encouraging signs that people are taking online privacy more seriously now and it is only a matter of time before more measures are implemented.

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