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Local Experts’ Way of Fortifying Your Computer against Viruses

Just as viruses and bacteria continue to bother us in the real world by causing health problems, computer viruses also bother our desktops, laptops and our mobile phones . From ‘Brain’, which was the world’s first self-replicating virus, computer viruses have come a long way in terms of sophistication and their lethality as well.

Today, there are different types of viruses like Trojans , malware, spyware, etc. There are different categories of malicious code which are not classified under a particular group of viruses. However, for the sake of simplicity, we will consider all of them as similar computer viruses in this article.

Challenges Faced By Security Experts

One of the many challenges faced by online security experts is the challenge of countering different approaches of hackers. This means that the experts will have to think from the perspective of a hacker while designing counter measures. This is not an easy job as some of the worlds best talent is working tirelessly to gain unauthorized access into others’ computers and wreck havoc.

So, even experts should be innovative, creative and unconventional in their approach to online security. For example, hackers are using anonymous social media accounts to infect unsuspecting users with files. So, there should be a security software which identifies that that link as potentially dangerous and warn the user.

However, you also have an active role to play if you want to ensure that you remain secure. Most people are not aware of this fact. No security system is foolproof and the user should always be on the lookout for signs which indicate a breach in your online security setup. Here are some of the latest tips from top online security experts to help you keep your computer safe.

Anti Virus Software

One of the main reasons why all companies insist on usage of  an anti-virus program   is that they are equipped to deal with the latest viruses and are regularly updated too. As mentioned earlier, viruses keep changing and new ones are released on the internet. So, it is imperative that your anti-virus has the latest database of viruses it needs to deal with. It will enable it to recognize the threat and instantly delete it.

There are a number of players in the online security market but it is recommended that you stick to the software from top players or the ones which people you know have used, and not faced any issues with. Combination software, which will not only provide you virus protection but will also give you a firewall, browser protection, and a range of other features,  is also available today.

Create File Backups

As there is every chance that you could become a victim of virus attacks, it is only prudent that you have a backup of all your files in a safe place, where you can retrieve them from. A few years ago, CDs and flash drives were the preferred method of data storage, but now, cloud storage is the ultimate solution. Cloud storage providers have servers which can hold tons of data and ensure its safety. So, even if your computer’s hard drive is infected and you will have to completely format it, all the lost data can be retrieved from the cloud.

Windows Users are More Vulnerable than Mac Users

Since Windows is the most widely used OS in the world, many hackers write virus programs meant only for Windows. This does not mean Mac users are safe. But the probability of Mac systems being affected is much less than Windows based systems. So, if you are a windows user, you need to keep running virus scans more often.

All these above steps might not give you 100% protection against online threats, but they will at least reduce the chances of your computer getting infected by viruses and other malicious software.

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