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Tips to Ensure Secure Internet Browsing on Mobile

Gone are the days when you could access the web only through a computer or laptop with a broadband connection. Now, the internet can be accessed even through your GPRS-enabled mobile phone or smartphone. But with the improved access and convenience comes the risk of online security and privacy, as the security tools for protecting mobiles from malware and virus attacks are still evolving.

The risks of your phone being hacked are higher than the risks of your computer being attacked. A simple reason for this is that online security for computers is much stronger today than it was before, but mobile security is still in its nascent stages. This makes mobile phones easy targets for hackers and other cyber criminals who are looking for sensitive data that can cost you money and even reputation. So here are a few tips that you should keep in mind for secure internet browsing on your mobile.

Secure with passwords

One of the first things to do for ensuring mobile privacy is to secure your phone with the help of passwords. Make sure that your phone’s auto-lock option is active. However, it is not enough to rely on the default setting or the passwords provided by the service provider. Ensure that any data you store on your mobile is secured in folders with passwords and cannot be accessed remotely.

Encrypt data

A few third-party apps allow you to encrypt data on your mobile. Some may even allow you to encrypt data that is transferred to and from your mobile. Using such apps will help prevent hackers from remotely accessing any data stored on your mobile. Even if they do, they wont be able to make any sense of it without the needed code.

Anti-virus software

Although mobile security is not as developed as computer security is, there are a few anti-virus and anti-malware tools that smartphone users can rely on. Choose a reliable provider of such security software for your mobile and install them. This should help you detect any Trojans and spywares and remove them instantly. Without security software, hackers can easily track you and access your data, even when you have disabled cookies.

Websites and apps

There are thousands of apps that can be used on your smartphone. Be it games, banking apps, retail apps or interactive apps, make sure you get them from reliable providers. Or, at least ensure to go through their reviews and verify before downloading them. This is especially important for retail apps, if you want to shop without being tracked. Mobile banking can be convenient, but risky at the same time. When installing banking apps, make sure they are by the financial institution you have a relationship with and not any third-party.

Also, keep an eye on the kind of websites that you access through your mobile. This is critical when you don’t have an anti-virus or anti-malware to protect your data on the phone. Stick to reliable and commonly used sites and avoid accessing those that redirect you to spammy sites or unsecured ones.

Secure Bluetooth and WI-Fi

Hackers can gain access to your phone only when it is connected to a network. To prevent easy access, make sure that the WI-Fi you connect to is secured with a password and restricted to only a few devices. Also, avoid switching on the bluetooth of your device when you don’t need to. Viruses and malware can be easily passed on to your phone through bluetooth, especially if you don’t have a password to restrict access to your phone. Also, avoid using public WI-Fi networks as those are the ones that hackers track to attack unsuspecting mobile web users.

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