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How to bypass international restrictions in online gaming?

When the concept of online gaming was first introduced, it was something which was available only for people who had access to high speed internet connections and high end computers. But with the advancement of technology, speed of internet and the processing speed of computers have increased radically. With these services at their disposal, people prefer to play with other players using the internet and are fast moving away from the trend of playing against the computer . The game developing companies have also taken note of this trend and started developing more and more games which can be played on an online community.

However, there are certain limitations for this online gaming mode. In some countries, there are certain rules which will not allow you to play with players from specific countries because there might be a threat to your online security. Most of the times, this restriction will be based on doubt rather than any confirmed threats. Also, other countries might have international charges  that will be levied on you,  if you connect to servers in those countries. However, there are legal ways to bypass this and also eliminate international charges.

Proxy Servers

Proxies are one of the more traditional and fail-safe ways of concealing your real IP address and using the IP of the proxy. The process involved in using a proxy server is simple. You register with the proxy service provider and change your IP to the one your proxy provider assigns you. Some service providers charge you a fee while there are some proxy servers which you can use for free.

The downside of using a proxy server, to overcome the international restrictions while playing online games, is that the game you should be playing should have a browser version. The IP address has to be changed using the browser and this is not possible if your game runs in software mode. Also, there are certain bandwidth limitations while using free proxy servers. Even the paid ones will be limited to a fixed amount of data transfer. This is not good for online gaming as a lot of data exchange takes place. Limitations in bandwidth will also bring down the gaming experience. Owing to all these factors, we move on to the next option, the virtual private networks.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN), as the name suggests, will create your own private network, virtually of course. In this method, there will be an encrypted tunnel which will be set up from your node to the node you are trying to access. This tunnel can be accessed from only your computer and the computer to which you are connecting. Also, the IP address from which your connection will originate will be changed to a local, valid IP address. This will ensure that the barricade servers which are monitoring the traffic that flows in and out of the country will be forced into believing that your address is also originating from the country. That will eliminate the need for you paying overseas access charges.

Advantages of Using VPN

One of the main advantages of using a VPN is that your IP address will not only be concealed but the traffic between your computer and the server you are connecting to will be encrypted. This will ensure that there is no data theft that occurs in the middle of the data transfer pathway. Also, the performance of VPNs in terms of bandwidth and data transfer speed is much better than proxy servers. This is critical for online gaming as the game performance will be affected if data transfer speeds are reduced.

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  1. Antonio
    March 10, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    hi, i have been trying to play an online game that has restricted the country in which I want to connect, i used a program for change the ip to other country, with that i could download the client and install it, but in the moment that i’m trying to log in a message appear saying “unable to stablish SSL conection”, i readed that only some “changed” IP can stablish this kind of conection, but i tryied many and is not working. Then i found this, and i wanted to ask if its really possible to play my game using the VPN, and if i do, how can i made the VPN for that game?

    Thank you for your time, and waiting for your answer.

    • March 15, 2013 at 1:20 pm

      You need to look for SSL Proxies such as https://proximize.me/ or, more likely, you will need to use a service such as HideMyAss’s VPN. They let you change countries and they can support SSL transmissions. Most proxy servers shut down SSL communications.

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