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Top Tips for Cloud Security

Cloud storage and cloud based services are probably the next big thing in the world of information technology. When the concept of cloud was introduced for the first time, there were not many takers for it. But with time, technology has grown and the cloud based services and storage facilities have also witnessed a radical improvement in terms of accessibility, convenience, advantages and the range of services it can offer. Due to all these reasons, more and more people are starting to prefer cloud based storage and services over the others. As people’s interest in cloud increased, it started facing more and more security threats. So, here are some of the top tips for increasing the security of your cloud services.

Learn Form Others’ Mistakes

Since cloud based technology is a relatively new field, there are no limits to the extent to which it can grow. Similarly, there are a number of possibilities that can be explored in terms of loopholes and flaws in the security system around the cloud storage and processing facilities. It is practically impossible to come up with every angle in which cloud security can be implemented. With time, both the good (companies providing security solutions) and the bad (hackers and the hacking community) will keep coming up with new and unknown methods to gain access without authorization.

The best way to learn is by analyzing others’ mistakes. One of the basic rules of online security is that there is no foolproof way of protecting a network or a computer. With time, there will always be more loopholes uncovered and a network breach is inevitable. When any other cloud service provider’s cloud is hacked, your first job is to analyze the breach and identify the weak points through which access was gained. This will give you a fair idea about where even your service can be targeted. If you are a cloud service provider, you can take measure which will fortify those loopholes. If you are a client, you can notify the service provider that these are the network weak spots and they must be taken care of.

Follow Every Security Measure to the T

A recent survey conducted by one of the biggest cloud service providers, Google, revealed that an astonishing 49% of the people are not using their ultra-secure three step verification authentication process. This is one of the most advanced authenticity establishing systems ever implemented by a cloud service provider. It has been proved that by using this verification process, the security increases by a factor of 65%. Make sure that you do not ignore any security measure that your cloud service vendor is offering, or will offer in the future. Those measures will be offered as an added protection to you and ensure online privacy.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

When Honan’s account was hacked a few days ago, the hackers required only a couple of hours to completely destroy his digital image. Although people realize that it is a hack after a point of time, the damage will be done and it is literally impossible to rectify the blemishes. If you see any suspicious activity in your log, an application which you have not installed or authorized or any similar activities, notify your cloud service provider and run the security scan procedures which are in place. Also be wary of anonymous social media accounts as they are one of the most preferred means of planting malicious software on a cloud.

It is important that you always remain on guard as you can never predict when an unauthorized access can happen. Keep in touch with your cloud service provider to ensure that you have all the latest security measures in place to protect yourself.

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