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Google’s New Algorithm Banning Sites Based on Doubts

Google has reportedly updated its search algorithm and included a clause which will penalize sites that are accused of violating copyright laws. Ever since PIPA and SOPA came into existence, there has been a widespread debate on whether these copyright laws are in accordance to the constitutional rights. This move from Google seems to be influenced by the pressure on the search engine by major Hollywood film companies and music companies. However, Google has claimed that this move has been  according to the recent measures undertaken by the government to protect intellectual property from being misappropriated.

‘An Update To Our Search Algorithm’-Google’s Blog Post for Announcing the Update

A blog post that is titled ‘An Update To Our Search Algorithm’ has been the source for the new updates in Google’s search software, which is the most widely used search engine in the world. Amit Singhal, SVP of Google, has stated in this blog post that Google has decided to join hands with copyright holders and demote the pages and sites which are accused of copyright violations frequently.

When Google receives a claim to remove a page from its results, Google cannot immediately do it unless the claim is accompanied by a court order. However, Google has the option of reducing the page rank of that site which will bring down the position of the listing in the search results. From this move, we can infer that Google has concluded that if a site is being accused of copyright violation multiple times, there is a grain of truth in those accusations and Google will respond by pulling down the ranking of that page significantly.

Is This Move the Right One in Present Circumstances?

Google might have got into the good books of copyright holders by implementing this law, but to the common man and internet companies, especially the torrent sites, this is a huge setback. You can claim that your copyright is being infringed by a site but a report states that out of 10 claims, only 1 or 2 are valid. This trend shows that companies and individuals holding copyrights are prejudiced against certain sites such as Torrenthound, FilesTube, ExtraTorrent, etc and notify Google that they are violating copyright laws.

As the number of these notices increase, Google will push the result/listing to the bottom of page and subsequently the 2nd and 3rd pages over a period of time. This is not only wrong on  part of Google but it will inconvenience netizens who are looking out for worry free torrents using Google’s search engine.

Implications of This Update in Algorithm

If you have missed this point till now, note that Google is only considering takedown requests it is receiving. Consider that you are the owner of a content site and you have overtaken a site which has been around for a long time. Instead of trying to optimize their site, your competitors will start sending takedown requests to Google stating the reason of copyright law violation, even though you are within legal realms. As the number of requests increases, Google will push your listing down the ladder till it will be moved to the subsequent pages. This has serious implications, especially if you are a growing organization.

Google’s Web?

It is a well known fact that Google is the ‘Big Daddy’ of search engines. More than 80% of population makes use of Google’s search engine to look for listings on the World Wide Web. Google seems to be seizing control of the cyber world with this update to their search algorithm. This is very significant indeed as web presence can make or break the fortunes of a company in today’s market. We will have to wait and see what effects this will have on the internet market in the coming days.

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