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Deleting Your Digital Past: Privacy v/s Censorship

There was a time when agencies used to hire an entire team to collect information about someone they wanted to track. The process was slow and laborious, and sometimes the results were not according to the expectations. In today’s world, there is no need of such effort. All you need is a computer or a mobile phone with internet access. With the right kind of training and resources, you can find out what a person is up to and even keep a constant tab on that person. You can code a program which will update you every hour on where that person is located. This is one of the consequences of the ‘over usage’ of internet, if you can call it that.

Negligence of the Consequences

When social media burst into the scene, people were so awed by it that they all jumped into the bandwagon. It was one of the ‘IN’ things back then, and it was not surprising if you were scoffed at for not having a social media account, be it Orkut, Facebook or any other social media site. People were so eager to share their personal information that they failed to take note of the implications.

Even in the early days of social media, security experts had warned people about how this over usage of social networking sites would come back to haunt them in the future. One of the main reasons on which this claim was based was the fact that the internet never forgets. Once you upload data on to the net, it will be there in one form or the other. Even if you remove it from your site, profile or page, the web is so intricately interlinked that as soon as you post something, it would have went on to other sites instantaneously. If a person is determined to search for it, he/she can definitely achieve the desired output.

Anonymity: Pros and Cons

The obvious solution for this problem was to be anonymous while browsing the internet. This was a great option for online activities such as shopping, streaming movies, downloading data, etc. However, anonymity never works for social media accounts. One of the main reasons that social media became so famous was the fact that you can keep track of each other even though you don’t get the opportunity to meet regularly. Even though your friends might know your anonymous user name on a social media site, they expect you to post authentic pictures and share authentic details about yourself.

However, anonymity became the preferred technique of staying safe while shopping online, reading books online, streaming and downloading data and a host of other online activities. But there was still a lot of ambiguity as anonymity was not universally accepted. That gave rise to what is known today as your privacy settings.

Privacy Settings

Privacy settings are nothing but settings which will allow you to decide who will be able to access certain details on your profile and who cannot. Since it will give you the option of controlling which data should be available for a particular group of people, these options gave a modicum of control back to the users.

However, this was not foolproof. Take the example of someone using an anonymous social media account and befriending you. That person might potentially be a miscreant who can misuse the data he/she can obtain from your profile. Similarly, there are numerous flaws on this privacy control system of social networking sites.

At the end of the day, social media is indeed as dangerous as it is attractive. You must exercise a degree of control while uploading personal data. Overusing social media can not only put your privacy at risk but might compromise the privacy of your family members also.

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