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BitTorrent Users’ Sharing Activities Being Tracked

It is not new for BitTorrent users to be tracked and we had witnessed an incident where a site had claimed that it was tracking BitTorrent users. The site had reportedly tracked all the 51 million users of BitTorrent and published their sharing activities on the site. However, the site did not survive for long and went down soon after it became famous, as is the trend with similar sites. However, this had opened the eyes of the users to glaring security flaws in BitTorrent, although the news died down and people also forgot about it. The past has come back to haunt BitTorrent users as a new Polish site has claimed that it can trace the sharing activities of most of the BitTorrent users.

Anonymous Users Safe

One of the things noticed in this site’s claim is that users who were making use of techniques to protect their identities were not tracked by the site. This group of users included people who used virtual private networks or VPNs, proxy servers, or any other tool which will help in shielding their authentic IP address. This bit of information highlights the need for more people to make use of IP hiding services while downloading data and browsing on the web. Although it is a laborious process and will cost some money, experts feel that it is worth it. You will understand the worth only after fellow users are hacked, as is the case with BitTorrent now.

The Site is Called ScanEye

Earlier, it was a site named ‘YouHaveDownloaded; that tracked BitTorrent users. Now, it is ScanEye that is the culprit now. ScanEye is one of the subsidiaries of a Polish company which is called Kalasoft. The company has already bypassed YouHaveDownloaded in terms of the number of torrents it is tracking. According to recent reports, the company has tracked 430,000 torrents already. This figure exceeds YouHaveDownloaded’s haul by more than 400%. Another worrying stat which has emerged is that the site and its operators have the capability of tracking more than a 100 torrents per day. This means that a 1000 gets added each day to the 430,000 they have already tracked.

How Is ScanEye Tracking So Efficiently?

It has surprised many security experts and hackers alike as to how ScanEye is able to track BitTorrent users with such apparent ease and efficiency. When the company was asked about this, they did divulge a few of their secrets. Representatives from ScanEye told that they use a couple of indexes to pull torrent files: NuTorrent, an adult site, and TorrentReactor. However, when questioned about the multiple availability of the torrent file, they admitted that it was of no consequence as to from which site the file originated as long as the torrent file linked to the data of interest.

Data Being Gathered for a Piracy Intelligence Company

YouHaveDownloaded was mainly focusing on revealing the security flaws which were so clear on BitTorrent file sharing system, but ScanEye has a completely different agenda. The company is allegedly working for a piracy intelligence organization which is collecting information on how copyrighted data is being pirated. This is serious business indeed and the company will obviously channel a lot of resources into this project. Copyright holders have the right to see the status of the files they own but they cannot access the details of other intellectual property. This is one of the reasons why ScanEye is in such high demand.

The only way to evade this predicament is by making use of tools which help in protecting your online identity. Even if your torrent site promises you worry free torrents, you might be a victim of ScanEye. So, get active in protecting your IP before someone else begins tracking it.

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