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Advanced Strategies to Help You Track Your Competition Online

It is common knowledge that along with delivering the best quality services and products, you should also keep track of your competition. This allows you to tweak your offerings in a way such that they  trump your competitors’. However, the usual strategy of watching the marketing techniques of your competitor, identifying the targeted customers, improving your offerings based on what they are dishing out, etc have all become old. Although they have their own set of advantages and  are tried and tested , these methods seem fragile compared to some of the advanced strategies you can use. To help you  watch your competition better, here are a few tips.

Look beyond Google’s Search Engine

When you say online search, Google is what instantly comes to your mind. The popularity that this search engine has is so much that it has become the default choice. However, Google is more of a general search engine. For tracking your online competition, you need something which is more customized and will help you in streamlining your results, such that you don’t have to spend valuable time sorting between data of interest and junk.

If you want to stick with Google, you might want to look at Google trends. This tool will help  in identifying the online trends and optimizing your online content and offerings in such a way that you can attract more people. You can also track the trends of your competitors and see how to improve yours to benefit more. You might also want to consider Google alerts. If there is any news about your competitors, you will receive an alert instantly. Also, don’t ignore the task of configuring an alert for your own company. It will help you in keeping up with the scheme of things. There are more effective tools from other companies also, in case you want to consider other options.

Organize Customer Interaction Platforms

Have you ever hosted a survey or a competition which will help you in engaging with your customers? If not, now is the time to do it. Apart from the obvious fact that it will help in getting your company noticed, contests and customer feedback forms will help you in looking at your company from the viewpoint of your  customers. To ensure active and enthusiastic participation, hand out a few freebies and announce a few gifts for the winners. This will keep the consumers interested. You can also be creative with your contests and devise it in such a way that you can gather what your customer thinks about your competitors. This data is very important and should be analyzed carefully as it has the potential to take your company to greater heights, if the analysis is properly carried out.

Never Miss an Industry Conference

If you think that you are spending time more efficiently at your office than attending an industry conference, you should think again. Industry conferences offer one of the easiest ways to take a look at your competition, probably in way you might have ignored during your online research. The market is so volatile these days that a new company can steal the thunder form a well established one in a matter of months. So, you must keep a lookout for such competitors and make sure that you react before it is too late. Conferences are also a great way to meet up with new people and probably start a more profitable alliance.

The knack of keeping track of your competition is always a work in progress and you must have an open mind about the strategies you employ. Don’t be afraid to go against the book at times as history suggests that the most successful strategies were the most unorthodox at the time of their implementation.

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