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You Can Be Stalked Through Your Smartphone?

When people started using the internet extensively, miscreants, who were also computer experts, came up with many ways of tracking a person using his/her online activities. Viruses, spyware, malware, and various other types of malicious software were developed and are still being developed today. However, smartphones are the latest gadgets on the market that most professionals, and even students, cannot live without.

With mobile internet technology improving drastically and with the availability of high speed data transfers over mobile networks, people have started replacing their computers with smartphones for activities like internet browsing, checking mail, social networking, etc. There are many reasons for this, the primary one being that smartphones are easier to carry and the newer models are becoming more powerful with faster processors and other associated features.

However, there is a drawback to your dependence on the smartphone. These devices are being increasingly targeted by online prowlers for stalking a person. In fact,  they are finding it more convenient to target phones than targeting laptop and desktop computers. The big question here is – how effective is  stalking through your smartphone.

Smartphone Will Be on Your Person Always

One of the advantages for stalkers who target smartphones is that you will carry it around wherever you go. It is obviously your point of contact and in today’s world, you also use it to check your mail, catch up on some left out work if possible, update your social network status, etc. The laptop on the other hand is not as portable as the mobile phone and you tend to leave it back if you are going out to unwind and relax. This would have created a gap in the stalker’s log, but with the smartphone, this gap can be now filled.

Social Networking Sites Play Their Part

Location based information is very valuable today and a lot of social networks encourage their users to share the details of their location willingly. This service was introduced in a bid to make the information more comprehensive and detailed. The downside to this feature is that you have accepted tracking as a part of the service and this happens legally. When you download a social network’s mobile app, it will have a piece of code which can read your location.

So, you already have a tracking software on your and you are always connected to the internet through the mobile network. All the hacker/stalker has to do now is to add a few more lines of code which will relay the information back to him/her. The channel for this communication will be your own mobile network. So, you are being tracked and you have accepted this as a part of being on social networking sites.

GPS Service on the Phone

Another feature that hackers use extensively is the GPS feature on your smartphone. GPS technology was introduced as a military service initially and was later expanded to consumer technology too. Initially, GPS was not that accurate and the tracker could only point out the location roughly. However, companies have noted that people emphasize a lot on details and the technology is so advanced now that you can pinpoint the location of a smartphone with an error of +/- 2 feet. This is impressive but is also very convenient tool for the stalker. All they have to do is make use of the GPS in your phone to keep a tab on you.

All the aforementioned techniques are only a few of the many methods hackers use to stalk people. There are many more advanced techniques which can be used to track you and it will not be sufficient if you stop cookies/tracking online option in your mobile browser. There are features in your smartphone which can be used against you and you should be very careful while using the device. How you can avoid being tracked using your smartphone is however, a topic for another day.

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