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Tips for Avoiding Social Media Oversharing

As important as it is for us to employ the latest tools to ensure that our online privacy is protected, we also have to do our bit to make sure that we don’t make the hackers’ job easy. Ever since the introduction of social media websites, people have been eager to share their personal information on those sites. However, they are missing a vital piece of information that should not be ignored.

When you post information on a particular social networking site, it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere, with the aid of proper resources. The internet is such a complicated network that it is impossible to identify and eliminate all the other links from your social media sites. Since you are providing your personal information willingly, all hackers need to do is gain access to your profile. They will have everything they need to violate your online privacy.

Dangers of Oversharing

Some people are so addicted to social media sites that they don’t even bother about the consequences of sharing too much information. From the point of view of social media sites, they want to provide their users with an experience that has comprehensive information about their friends. So, they ask you to share everything from where you are and what you are doing, to regular status updates and other similar information.

However, this information can be very dangerous if miscreants get their hands on it. Oversharing is a phenomenon where you feel the need to update your social media profiles about every activity you involve in throughout a regular day, including sharing your geographic location and other personal info like pictures. This is not only wrong but also has irreversible consequences.

Here are a few tips that will help you to avoid oversharing and make sure that your online privacy is not threatened.

Sharing with Genuine People

A survey noted that most of the people on social media platforms (especially teenagers) tend to make friends with unknown people to socialize. Socializing is a good thing but you must ensure that the person you befriend is  genuine . Miscreants have been known to use anonymous social media accounts to befriend unsuspecting people and exploit their personal information.

There is a settings option known as the privacy settings that ensures your info can be viewed by people who you authorize only. Actively make use of this option and authorize only the friends you know to be able to view your updates. If you make a new friend, make sure that he/she is genuine and authentic before adding to your list of authentic friends.

Avoid Location Tracking Application and Location Updates

Let us take the example of Facebook and Twitter. The check-in option will update where you are using the GPS on your smartphone or your computer. Although this is a very attractive feature to let your friends know where you are, there is a bad side to it. Some location based apps can track your location even when you are not using them. A skilled hacker can make use of this app to track you accurately without your knowledge.

Keep Track of Your Settings

In today’s world, viruses are so advanced that they have the ability to change your settings without your knowledge. These don’t have the source code like your regular viruses, spyware, malware or any other type of potentially dangerous software and are not detected by your security software. So, keep checking your privacy settings and other security settings of your social media accounts on a regular basis. In case it has been changed, you can set it right before too much damage is caused.

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