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Safely Downloading Torrents without Demonoid

Demonoid was considered to be one of the safest and secure torrent sites that are online and users were also very happy to employ the services. However, the site has recently went down and torrent users are finding it difficult to find sites and services that offer the same quality of offering as Demonoid. One of the most common questions you find in security related forums and groups are that ‘which site to use for worry free torrents. This article will attempt to provide a satisfactory answer to this particular query while busting some myths about Demonoid.

The Problem with Demonoid

Demonoid was considered as a very safe site as it projected an image of safety. Although you needed an account to download using Demonoid, you could actually open an account very easily. There would be open signup periods where anyone could open an account and also, you could get an invite from any of your friends. The most notable trend in this was that if you befriended someone online in a torrents forum, you could ask them to send you an invite. Also, Demonoid did track the users and supposedly kept the data confidential but you never know when that can change as the company’s site is down and out. Also, there was no screening process to determine whether the torrent was genuine or fake. Any Demonoid user could seed a virus file too.

Encryption Does Not Guarantee Safety

The new service where your channel can be encrypted using your torrent client only may not be as safe as you think it is. The reason for this is that since your torrent client uses an encryption standard that is not only outdated but can also be easily cracked. Furthermore, this was facilitated just as the first line of defense and you will have to make use of other tools to make sure that you are not being tracked at all costs. There are tools available in the market that will help you in encrypting the channels of communication and ensuing that you have a semblance of security. However, there is no other tool that provides better encryption than the virtual private network or VPNs.

Pros and Cons of VPNs

There is no doubt that VPNs are probably one of the top methods of ensuing that your torrents are safe and are not tracked. However, there are minor flaws in the VPNs too. For example, you will be tracked by the VPN service provider as the system requires them to maintain a log of all their customers. So, the perception that no one has your tracking data is wrong. Your VPN provider does have it. There is every possibility that the data can be misused by your VPN service provider or someone could hack it from your VPN service provider and use it to their advantage.

One way you can avoid this is by looking at the type of data your VPN service provider keeps track of. Since they charge you for the service, they are legally bound to give you information about this if requested. Another way to safely use VPNs is to hire the services of the ones that have a good track record. If VPNs have good reputation, then 99% of the times, their offerings are also safe.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Even though you have followed all the aforementioned steps, keep your eyes open for any suspicious activity on your computer. If there are random files in your temp folders, if you anti-virus software keep popping up warnings on a regular basis, etc, they are signs that your computer might be affected. There is also an option of calling in the experts in case the situation gets out of hand.

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