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Mobile Devices Increasingly Being Targeted In Cyber Attacks

It is a well known fact that over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of the cyber attacks. The reason for this is that internet has become so intertwined with our lives that it is literally impossible to live without it. This dependence is being exploited by cyber criminals and is being used for their advantage. Recently a survey was conducted on what kinds of devices are being targeted by online criminals and surprisingly, mobile phones and other mobile devices have come at the top of the list. This has come as a surprise to some while most others are not surprised. This article will help you understand why mobile devices are being targeted and how you can safeguard yourself against them.

High Level of Sophistication in Mobile Devices


Recently, we have seen that mobile devices have replaced laptops and desktop computers in recent times. Mobile devices such as iPad, tablets and similar devices are being used by students, professionals and even the teaching community. To cater to this consumer base, companies that manufacture these devices are pushing out products that possess such high configuration that the consumers do not need any other devices to go about their daily business. These devices also come with features that allow people to check email, update their social network statuses, edit documents, design presentations and even edit photographs. This has eliminated the need for normal laptop and desktop computers.


Since people are switching over to mobile devices, hackers are also paying more attention to these devices. Obviously, hackers target devices that are used more frequently as they can gather user information, data and pictures from these devices only.


Improvement in Mobile Carrier Technology and Smartphone Development


The first mobile technology that featured internet used GPRS technology to cater to the internet connectivity needs of consumers. With time, the technology improved and high speed 3G technology that provided uses with high speed connectivity and data transfer speeds. This allowed people to slowly start using mobile phones for their daily internet activities. Mobile device technology improved so drastically that application developers have come up with applications to do every possible activity from ordering pizza to banking online. This opened up a host of possibilities and entry points for hackers to gain access. This is also one of the main reasons why there is an increase in the volume of attacks directed at mobile devices.


Mobile Phones are Easier Targets Than Computers or Laptops


Mobile phones are proving to be easier targets for hackers for a number of reasons. Firstly, people are more conscious about their computers and use sophisticated software to ensure that security is not compromised. Online security companies have come up with such advanced software that there are multiple levels of defenses and even if the hackers bypass one of them, there are other levels that will protect the users. Mobile security on the other hand is not taken so seriously by users. They have a false sense of security with mobile devices and disregard security so much that they even forget to stop cookies/tracking online in mobile browsers.


Some Must Have Mobile Security Measures


You must have an internet security and anti-virus software on your mobile phone. All the leading online security service vendors offer mobile security solutions. You can use the one that you are comfortable with. Also, ensure that you do not visit any of the potentially dangerous software with your mobile devices. Always perform sensitive operations such as banking and confidential email transactions through your computers or laptops. Even at the slightest sign of trouble on your mobile phone such as unknown applications or unknown contacts, get it checked by a professional.

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