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It’s Official: Online Privacy Non-Existent Anymore

Recently,  a lot of concerns have been raised by a wide range of government and private organizations about how our online privacy is diminishing by the day and the government is intruding everywhere in the name of security. There were warnings about how a day would come when there would be no privacy and everywhere we go, the government or other security agencies will be poking their noses just because there is a possible chance that the security might be at risk. Recently, an article was published by the CEO of a virtual private network company and that article brought to light our worst fears. We are not waiting for that day. That day is here and our online profiles and data are not private anymore.

Investigators have Made Facebook Their Pre-Crime Department

It is a well known fact today that if you want to find some information about a person, the Facebook is the ultimate tool. Literally everyone has a Facebook account where they would have provided their  personal data. The beauty of using Facebook to identify people is that the investigators are not violating any privacy as the data is something that users are willing to share. However, the privacy options have made it a little harder for the security departments to crack open profiles. It is not difficult for investigators to go through the security barriers and access the data even if you have put up some data that is meant only for your friends.

Some Examples of How Facebook Is Used For Tracking People

Although the timeline of this event cannot be disclosed for security reasons, there was a former marine who was arrested and prosecuted. The reason for this arrest was that the  marine posted some information, which was not appropriate for public eyes and could possibly cause widespread protests, on his Facebook profile. The marine’s name was Brandon Raub and he was jailed for a while before a judge released him. This is just the tip of the Facebook surveillance iceberg. Each and every profile of yours is being monitored and even if you post something threatening in  jest , you might risk being arrested.

Blogs, Emails, Chats, Phone Calls, Text Messages. Everything is Monitored

If you think that your other means of communications are safe, think again. After Microsoft took over Skype in the year 2011, they are spying on all your video calls. And they will not hesitate to notify the Feds in case they notice something that they feel is suspicious. Hushmail will gladly divulge all your mails to the Feds. Officials have admitted to have intercepted the email of the opposition to gain an unfair advantage over them in the coming elections.

An NSA employee, on the condition of anonymity, has admitted to the fact that the agency is building a state of the art system that can keep track of all your communication channels. Yahoo suddenly loses half of its users’ authentication information. When an FBI agent’s laptop was scrutinized, it was found to be containing data of almost 12 million users of the Apple family. A college student blogs something in a drunken stupor and he becomes a member of the FBI’s most wanted list.

The Solution

When the government itself is spying on you, you wonder who else to go to. The people who are supposed to protect us are spying on us and here we are trying to stop cookies/tracking online so that we remain safe. This is very disturbing news indeed and unless every netizen fights for his/her online privacy, the government will continue to do this and we will have no security that our online data is safe. At the moment, there is no plausible solution to this issue.

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