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The Truth about Kim Dotcom Raid

Even after all the time that has elapsed after the highly controversial raid of the Kim Dotcom mansion, there is a raging debate on if that much force was necessary. Frankly, there was a lot of conflicting evidence about the raid. But recently, there have been videos from the security choppers and also the camera that was installed for security purposes in the grounds of the mansion.

For those of you who are in the dark about this, Kim Dotcom is the founder of online video site MegaVideo and he was wanted by the United States government for infringing copyright laws. Although this was not a code red situation, the raid was carried out in a way that is used to raid houses with highly dangerous targets. This article will give you the facts about how the raid exactly happened.

How the Raid Began

During the early hours of the morning, a security agency chopper deposited four armed men on the grounds of the Kim Dotcom mansion. The men were armed with automatic weapons and rushed into the mansion to arrest Dotcom. This group was followed by another group of men who were deposited by a chopper near the entrance gate of the mansion. They were followed by a horde of cavalry who were all armed to the teeth and within minutes, the mansion was surrounded and the occupants had nowhere to go. There were also dog handlers, bomb squads and other security people.

How Kim Dotcom Saw It

When the chopper landed, Dotcom said that he was not surprised as he was expecting some guests. He told that guests would come via chopper at times and at early hours of the day also. While he did not think about it at that point of time, he got alarmed when he heard banging at the door and people shouting. He said that he went into his panic room and after a point of time, he was found. He was pushed on the floor, manhandled and then taken into custody.

Ambiguities in the Raid

Kim Dotcom was accused of copyright laws infringement by the US government. His site, MegaVideo, provided free videos and also premium membership to its users for faster streaming speeds. The point here is that the raid carried out makes it look like he is a threat to national security. If he was indeed found faulty, he could have been taken into custody in a more subdued manner. But he was arrested by a Special Forces team. That is like being hanged for providing unrestricted TV via the internet.

Another factor that was noticed in the raid is that agents were not armed with full combat gear. Usually when there is a high risk target to be taken into custody, they are armed with bullet proof jackets, grenades, night vision and other such combat gear. However, the focus in this raid seemed to be more on weapons as the agents were just armed but were not that concerned about their own safety.

Show of Strength

This raid seemed to be more of a show of strength rather than the actual threat involved. Even if Kim Dotcom was armed, the local police department team could have overwhelmed him as they are trained for those kinds of scenarios. The Special Forces team is meant for people like terrorists and trained assassins, not the head of an internet company. Although there has been no evidence recovered about the potential threat involved during the raid, the law enforcement agency maintains that it was essential and Dotcom was a high risk recovery. The facts are out in the open for you to judge and decide whether this show of strength by the police was essential or not.

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