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Blocking Torrent Sites Have No Effect on Online Piracy

If you are not aware of the recent developments in the world of torrents, there has been a massive breakthrough for companies who provide music and videos. They have finally managed to convince the government, and consequently the search engine companies, that torrent sites are the major source of pirated intellectual property. The team, led by Hollywood bigwigs, has managed to pull the right strings and use its immense power and reach to ensure that torrent sites can be blocked even on the basis of reasonable doubt.

All the company has to do is provide circumstantial evidence to the court and the court will order the site to be blocked or taken down immediately, without even waiting to verify the claims or giving a chance for the torrent site to plead their side of the case. This seems to be harsh but it did give the record companies some satisfaction that they were doing something.

However, all this has been disproved by a recent survey. The survey has identified that torrent downloading continues to thrive and pirated content is still being downloaded indiscriminately.

No Evidence of Reduced Piracy

During the survey, the researchers managed to unearth hardcore evidence that blocking sites did not have any effect in reducing the number of copyright files being downloaded. Sites like PirateBay, Mononova, Torrenthound, etc were blocked in several key demographics but that has not stopped people from downloading torrents. MusicMetric, a leading music company was responsible for compiling this data and they released the data only for the United Kingdom. That data showed that people who are looking out for worry free torrents are using other sites to download files through torrents. The number of new sites that offers torrent files keeps coming up on a daily basis and this is why there has been no effect in the number of people who still use torrents.

Pirate Party Fails To Agree With the Data

Contrary to the conclusions of MusicMetric, the pirate party group has not agreed to the conclusions drawn from this data set. Loz Kaye, the leader of Pirate Party, said that just because people are using technology (in this case, torrents) does not mean that there is large scale piracy still going on. He said that the only plausible conclusion that one can draw from this data is that the people of the United Kingdom are very much music oriented and that they are using torrents to download it actively. He said that MusicMetric has not come up with any data that exclusively shows that the data which is downloaded is intellectual property or copyrighted data only.

Points Out To Other Torrent Trends

Kaye also added in his statement that if the company manages to gather data about the type of files that the people download, then a vast majority of those files are non copyrighted material. He adds that these were the files that people have bought by paying money and they are just sharing it with their fellow torrent users. That does not come under piracy and that is exactly the reason why torrents were established in the first place.

The Argument is Doing Nothing to Curb Online Piracy

Mr. Kaye finished his statement by saying that people are raising an issue about this data because they are not able to do anything effective to ensure that online piracy is reduced significantly. He said that we should stop arguing about these sterile topics and try to make a concerted effort to ensure that piracy is nipped at the bud rather than trying to stop it from growing. Although the solution is not apparent today, we will find one in the near future.

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