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Facebook Officials Deny Message Bug On Their Site

Of all the social networking sites that we have seen over the years, Facebook has probably been the best in ensuring the privacy and security of its users. Although it was pretty simple initially, they developed advanced privacy options over the years and today, they have a very good reputation. But recently, the arguably best social networking site in the world had a glitch. Some of the users claimed that the private messages they sent a few years ago were being displayed on the wall (or timeline as it is called now) as public posts and this was causing a lot of privacy problems to them. But Facebook has denied this bug and said that the privacy options of the site have been as safe as it has been over the years.

US And French Users Seem To Be The Only Ones Affected

One of the reasons why Facebook might be right about their claim is because the users in most parts of the world are not affected by the bug. According to an observation made by an online security agency, the users who seem to be affected by this bug are mainly based in the United States and France. The main issue is this. Users who had sent some private messages in 2009 are seeing the same messages on their wall as wall posts. Also, the privacy settings for the wall posts had been set to public which meant that anyone on Facebook could view these messages. There is a reason why the users used private messaging to send those messages and publicizing those messages on the wall is a very serious issue indeed.

Facebook’s Explanation

Facebook officials issued an official statement that the problem was extensively investigated by their engineers and they found no such issue in users from US and France, and also in users’ profiles around the world. However, an interesting fact that can be noticed here is that Facebook did not completely deny that there was a problem. They just said that all the profiles’ security has been satisfactory and there has not been any sort of compromise in the privacy of the users. Facebook officials also provided an explanation about the glitch by saying that the users who reported the problem had themselves posted the messages on their timelines (then known as ‘the wall’) and had forgot about it.

Facebook’s Attempts To Compete With Google Reason For This Glitch?

While some people were ticking off Facebook as only a social networking site, the engineers at Facebook are working around the clock to integrate search engine services into the social networking site. This is probably Facebook’s attempt to draw some of the search engine users from Google. Mark Zuckerberg had recently commented that the position of Facebook is so unique that it can answer the queries of the users more comprehensively than any other search engines.

Implications Of This Privacy Issue

As Facebook’s reputation for privacy has increased, we have become increasingly lax about the discretion we use while on Facebook. We tend to use it for personal and possibly sensitive conversation which can be used against us if miscreants get their hands on it. Recent studies have shown that some users use Facebook as a platform to watch adult content in private also. What we should be aware of is that Facebook is also a site like any other and it is also vulnerable to mistakes. So, we should not do the mistake of overly trusting Facebook with a lot of sensitive or confidential information. A little user discretion is all that is needed to ensure that we can use Facebook without any serious problems even if Facebook security measures fail.

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