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Facebook Putting Your Personal Data at Risk in Their Aim to Generate Ad Revenue

Ever since Facebook became popular, one of their biggest sources of revenue has been advertising and it has taken the company from strength to strength. While their existing ad strategy has been generating a steady stream of revenue, the ambitions of the company have also grown with its size. Facebook has now come up with a new advertising strategy that will not only revolutionize the way companies promote their products but also generate high number of consumers.

Although this is all impressive and sounds very advanced, there is a high risk that the common man is pushed into. Your online shopping habits are being tracked and this will put a lot of your personal data and privacy at risk. The information not only includes your authentication codes for different sites but also your online bank account credentials and credit card details.

Facebook Has Associated With Datalogix, a Controversial Online Tracking Company

The news that has been bothering security experts from the past few weeks is Facebook’s association with Datalogix. Datalogix is a company that will track and collect data about online users so that they can sell that data to advertising companies and make revenue. The company also tracks consumers in case a company or an advertising agency asks them to do so, for a fee of course. While this is all fine, Datalogix has a very bad reputation of stepping over the privacy boundary time and again. The company has been involved in a number of controversies where it has not only violated the privacy of consumers openly but also vehemently denied it on the face.

What Is Facebook’s New Ad Strategy?

According to the new strategy, Facebook is now tracking the users who click on the advertising links that are shown on the site. But the data gathering does not stop there. They will also follow you into the site and verify if you are purchasing the product or not. When you ignore the privacy issue and look at this purely as a marketing strategy, it is a stroke of genius.

This not only gives an idea to Facebook about which ads are effective and which are not, but also helps them in forming a strategy to promote the not so popular products more effectively, thus increasing their sales. But there is a clear boundary that Facebook is stepping over in this case. The only way to verify if you have made the purchase or not is through tracking your log in the product site also. This log also includes the details of your bank account number and credit card details, depending on what you used to make the purchase.

What Is Datalogix’s Role?

Facebook will collaborate with Datalogix and compare data that it has collected to the data Datalogix collected. They will use email IDs as a reference and compare if ads on Facebook are successful or ads on other ad boards are successful. This will give them valuable insight using which they can review their strategy and make changes where necessary.

How to Avoid This Tracking?

It is common knowledge that every online shopper wants to shop without being tracked and it is disturbing that the trusted Facebook is also not reliable now. Never make a purchase on a site that you visited through Facebook. If you see a product that you fancy, make a note of the site it is available on and visit it when your secure browsing mode is on. Also, close the browser window in which Facebook is open while you are shopping. This will ensure that tracking cookies will be disabled when you visit the site on which you wish to make the purchase.

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