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Top Local Blackouts Of 2012

Local blackouts were very common when the television, cable TV and satellite TV were introduced newly. But even after years of perfection and refinement, local blackouts still continue to haunt us and incidentally, they happen at times when we look forward to a particular show. There are a number of reasons for these blackouts, fairly reasonable ones as well, but that does not overshadow the fact that we are missing out on some of our most favorite shows. There are number of ways to overcome local blackouts and they have been discussed here earlier. This article will introduce you to the top blackouts of the year 2012.

Shentell – Allbritton (WJLA)

This famous blackout began on the new year’s day of this year, Jan 1st 2012, and is still not rectified. One of the major points that has been highlighted by the blackout is the fact that smaller network operators’ blackouts do not get as much attention from the press as a larger network operator’s. But this blackout does involve one of the bigger players in the network service provider industry. The company had filed a re-trans investigation negotiation complaint with the FCC Media Bureau but the organization had rejected this appeal on   grounds which were not made public due to legal constraints.

Time Warner Cable – Cordillera

This blackout is 165 days old as on 27th September 2012. Although the blackout started in the latter stages of 2011, this is considered in the list of 2012 blackouts due to the fact that this was settled in the year of 2012. As a result of this blackout, Super Bowl fans in Corpus Christi, TX were left without KRIS, a NBC affiliate. As a solution, the TWC distributed a huge number of antennas that worked on over the air principle and with the help of a rival partner DirecTV, a Super Bowl viewing party was organized.

DISH – Silverton Broadcasting / Wyomedia / Mark III

This blackout is around 123 days old and involves some of the most popular networks in the United States. They include Wyoming, ABD affiliate KTWO, Fox affiliate KFNB, Cheyenne and Casper. The broadcasters’ offer was, without hesitation, declined by DISH due to cost constraints. According to reliable company sources, a rate increase of almost 250% was expected because of the new offer that the broadcasters had proposed. However, the stations’ representatives’ argument was that DISH was paying substantially lesser than what other MVPD located in the same area were paying. Although the deal was ironed out and the service resumed, there were a lot of games and some local programs that the viewers missed.

DISH – Meredith (Peachtree TV – Turner Broadcasting)

The timeline of this broadcast is around 112 days and it is a little confusing as to why this blackout actually happened. Although Atlanta’s Peachtree TV is still the property of Turner Broadcasting, Meredith took control of the management of the corporation. The hardest hit among the victims of this blackout were the fans of Braves. The viewers missed out on a chance of watching their team’s home opener. Peachtree used to air around 45 games annually and a majority of these games were missed by the fans.

Golden West Telecom – Hoak Media

This is one of the shorter blackouts and lasted just 44 days. Again, the point of discussion was the low rates and KSFY, an ABC affiliate, pulled out causing some serious sport viewership issues. While the distributor was arguing about the high price, the broadcaster’s argument was that the proposals were well below the market average and the best deal that they could offer.

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