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Online Security Concerns Keep Magnifying Despite Advancement in Technology

We are all aware of the many issues that arise due to a laxity in internet security such as online privacy issues, identity theft, virus infection to our computers and other internet capable devices, etc. But many of us do not know the fact that internet and economic security are more closely intertwined than we are aware of. Businesses rely heavily on the internet and a security breach for a significant interval of time will not only bring the business to a standstill but also cause losses that are irrecoverable.

This will result in more complications and other issues that you could not have even thought about previously. This was the main reason why the NCSA or the National Cyber Security Alliance conducted a survey on how safe the citizens of USA feel online and how much internet and business are interdependent.

90% Of The Netizens Are Not Confident About Their Online Security

The survey by the NSCA was distributed all over the US and more than a thousand adults participated in it. The results of the survey were not only interesting from an intellectual point of view but were also shocking for online security experts.

Out of all the people who took part in the survey, 9 out of 10, or 90%, claimed that they did not feel secure while they are online. This is surprising indeed considering the latest security software is more advanced than we have ever seen. However, this might also be due to the fact that we have been seeing more and more online security breaches in recent times and no one has been able to do anything about it.

Businesses Rely Very Heavily On the Internet

Another inference that was drawn from the survey was that more than half the people, 59% to be precise, said that a reliable and safe internet connection was absolutely essential for their daily jobs to go on normally. A staggering 78% of the participants claimed that if the internet connection was disrupted for a period of more than 2 days, there would be a lot of damage in terms of deadlines and losses. Out of the 78%, 33% were of the opinion that the losses and damage would be substantial enough to inflict a permanent damage on the organization. These numbers show how important it is for businesses to ensure that internet connection is not only reliable but safe also.

Our Daily Lives Are Also Disrupted In Case Of a Security Breach

Another aspect of the survey was to find out how important internet is for our daily lives to go on smoothly and the numbers were even surprising. More than 26% of the participants said that they were recipients of news, from at least one of the various online business service providers, that their authentication codes have been compromised and the data is in the wrong hands.

Also, a little less than half of the participants, 49% to be precise said that they were using their smartphones for their internet activities.  Surprisingly, 64% feel that their phones are not going to be targeted by hackers and they have a false sense of security. They use their phones for all their activities including those to manage their online bank accounts or even watch adult content in private. These are the sites where a possibility of a hack is the highest, and yet, 58% of the users have reported that they have neither backed up the data on their phone nor used online security software. This is why most of the netizens are vulnerable to online hacks.

This survey not only shows us how important internet is to our lives but also highlights the apparent laxity and ignorance we have towards ensuing our online security. We must ensure that this trend will not continue.

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