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Beware Of The Black Hole

It is not uncommon to find software for every possible task you carry out using a computer. Such  software can usually be downloaded from the internet. but this software we are going to discuss about now might actually surprise a few. This code belongs to a group  called  the ‘online crime toolkit’ or ‘exploit kit’ and it is used to assist the hackers in their hacking endeavors and make their job easier. This software has had online security experts scratching their heads about how to devise a line of defense. The attack mode of this software is something ingenious and also unique, although the concept is pretty fundamental.

Mode Of Attack Of The Black Hole

The software is known as an exploit kit for a reason. This is because it  exploits the weaknesses in the security system of the victims and  provides access points for the hackers to get into the victims’ computers. There are many ways in which this software will track down potential victims and find out about the security vulnerabilities. Without going into too many technical details, this software will test all the defenses methodically and in case it finds an anomaly in any of them, the software will make maximum use of this flaw.

How Will It Be Presented To Victims

To be effective, the software has to be installed on the computer of the victim . It does not mean that all the components of the software have to be installed on the victim’s computer. Only a part of the code that the software generates is installed . This is a very ingenious plot indeed especially when you consider the fact that these patches will be provided  in the form of a software patch or an update, which the user thinks is completely harmless.

The First Line Of Attack

One of the methods that the software uses to make sure that the code is planted on the victim’s computer is to induce them to visit the link by themselves. They usually send the victims a series of spam emails or instant messages. Sometimes, even pop ups are used but most modern day browsers use pop up blockers. Hence, pop ups are not preferred by this software. Another noticeable trend about this particular software is that it will exploit the vulnerabilities of software that have to be updated regularly such as Adobe Flash Player, Java, Microsoft’s IE browser, etc.

A Distinct Pattern In Its Attack Mode

A threat researcher for a leading organization from Australia, Dr. Jon Oliver, said that the advancement made on the latest version of the software has enabled it to exploit all the vulnerabilities of proprietary software. He also said that the software has evolved its links in such a way that it is virtually undetectable. In the previous instances, you could have easily identified the link to a landing page of the Black Hole software, but the modern day software follows a trend. Dr. Oliver said that it is virtually undetectable unless you have a history of these links which would have inadvertently come to you regularly.

How to Avoid Being Victimized By This Software

One of the foremost things that you should keep in mind is that you should download updates only from the official sites. Even though other sites offer updates, stick to the official release only. Another rule that you should follow, especially if you shop online regularly, is to use a tool that allows you to shop without being tracked. Tracking is the method hackers use to identify and target people and this will eliminate your chances of getting tagged. Also, be aware of your system’s behavior. If you notice anything strange, take countermeasures immediately.

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