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Free Software Online Search- One of The Biggest Security Threats

When we think of online security threats, the things that come to our mind are malicious software like viruses, spyware, malware, botnets, etc. There are a number of ways in which your computer or internet capable device can get infected with these kinds of software. It can be downloaded to your computer while you visit an unsafe site. Also, if you do not have a proper virus protection and firewall software, your device is probably going to get infected very soon. Also, when you watch adult content in private, there is a high possibility that your computer might get infected with some of the malicious software. Adult sites are hot zones for hackers and this is where they succeed most of the times.

However, not many people know another scenario in which there is a high probability of your computer getting infected. It is when you download free software from the internet, or even if you perform a search for free software and visit the relevant site.

Microsoft Sheds Light On The Risks Involved With Free Software

Microsoft studied the number of people who tried to browse for free software and the number of software online that is free and legit. The results were conflicting and alarming at the same time. With the boom in IT industry that we have been witnessing in the past decade, more and more people are taking up to writing codes. In an effort to establish their reputation, many developers have their own websites that offer free software. If you get the right one, they are really great to use and best of all, they are free.

The downside to this from the common user point of view is that the hackers are also aware of the fact the people search for free software online. They use this to their advantage and pose as budding developers offering free software. On the exterior, the package they offer looks like one and you will not find any difference. But embedded in the code for the software is an algorithm that is really dangerous. The algorithm can be anything from a virus, spyware, malware, botnet, or any other type of malicious software. When you install the software, you inadvertently install the malicious code also on your computer. The worst part here is that you will be providing approval as an administrator which will permit the coed to be installed on your computer.

License Key Generators, Next On The List

While free software is one of the risks, another trend that Microsoft noticed in the number of recorded searches for license key. Most of you are aware of the fact that companies provide their software free of cost for a trial run so that you can get a feel of the software and buy it if you feel it fits your needs. But many people go further than this and search for the free registration keys that will help then use the software without having to pay for it. The software that generates these keys is known as the ‘license key generator’ and that is a Trojan horse. Once you save it on your computer and use it, the malicious code in that Trojan horse will emerge and wreck havoc.

The Solution To This Issue

Try to avoid using free software as much as possible. Even though you know that they can be good, it is not safe always and the usage is not really worth the risk. Proprietary software will always ensure safety of not anything else. Also, if the free software is from someone you trust or if someone you know use it without any real damage caused, then you can probably use it. But the foolproof way to stay safe is to totally avoid using free software altogether.

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