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Privacy Changes in Google Sought By EU Privacy Watchdogs

Google has been the most widely used search engine sites in the world and it has maintained that position for a long time now. Google is so dominant over the internet that some of its policies are considered as the benchmark by other companies and this holds good when it comes to online privacy issues also. Privacy watchdogs have been keeping a close eye on the privacy policies of the search engine giant and recently, a group from Europe has raised concerns about the data collection procedure of Google.

Although there has not been any verification of this claim, it will not come as a surprise if that has indeed happened as Google has been bombarded with copyright and privacy issue modifications over the last 6 months.

Letter Reviewed By the Wall Street Journal

This particular piece of information was revealed by a letter that the privacy watchdog group had written to Google. A copy of this letter was mailed to the agencies also and was even reviewed by the Wall Street Journal. The group had raised concerns about the procedures Google employed to collect data from its users who use the site for web search and also the other associated Google services. They had asked Google to change the procedures slightly to ensure that the privacy of users is not compromised.

Change of Policy Google Coined In March

According to the sources, if Google indeed heeds to the request of this privacy watchdog group, it will have to take back the new policies that it had introduced in March. While the significance of these policies are very high for Google and the data collected will be quintessential in improving the overall user experience, we will have to wait and see if that will be the turn of events. Also, the sources claimed that these changes will be announced on the 16th of October, 2012. If Google does change or even take back the amendments it introduced in March, it will be one of the rare cases in which the tech giant has heeded to pressure from outside the government. Meanwhile, Google’s representatives declined to comment about anything related to this issue.

Privacy Policies of Dozens of Services Consolidated

Earlier in March, Google had announced that the company is consolidating the privacy policies that individually govern the different services of the company. They added that if users are signed into the Google account and using any of the services provided by the company, then the company will collect user data which includes the history, their preferences and also the videos that they watch on YouTube. This is done in an effort to improve the quality of services being offered by the search engine giant.

Boosting Online Advertising Business

According to sources from Google, the new privacy policies helped them to boost their online advertising business. Since the data they gathered was more streamlined and detailed, it helped the advertisers to be more efficient in their approach and hence, garner more profits. This tracking would be performed irrespective of the anti tracking measures you have taken like stop cookies/tracking online. The company had followed all the protocols for implementing these policies and had even alerted the users about this new change that would be effective from March.

Effect on Common Users

Although there would be no effect on the users due to the privacy policy changes, the privacy watchdog group said that they want to play it safe and be on the safer side instead of assuming that the privacy issues were not as serious as they are playing out to be.

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