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$1m Campaign Launched By Direct Marketers to Dispel Privacy Concerns

Direct marketers had recently made a rather controversial statement by saying that they will not pay heed to any privacy and tracking flags of their consumers and will continue to track them for advertising purposes. This statement had raised a lot of concerns and online security and privacy experts were rather befuddled by the rash approach of the DAA. The controversy had grown to big proportions and could have had an adverse effect on the campaigns of DAA members. This has forced the agency to go into damage control mode. They have started a campaign worth $1 million to educate the users about their rather controversial tracking techniques. The campaign will educate consumers about the techniques they use and also dispel any privacy concerns also.

Data-Driven Marketing Institute

The Direct Marketing association held its annual conference in Las Vegas this year and announced the launch of Data-Driven Marketing Institute in its keynote address. This institute is one of the major steps in creating awareness amongst consumers that advertisers and marketers are not invading the privacy of consumers in any way. The institute will do so by educating the consumers on the exact techniques that they use which will show them that their privacy is valued highly by advertising companies and they are safe online.

Linda Woolley, President and acting CEO of the DMA, said that the million dollars would be used for consumer education, advocacy tactics, and also will be channeled for research. The research would primarily be for correcting some misconceptions that the general public has about hoe marketers go about their jobs and also to ‘set the record straight’.

Billions at Stake

One might say that the DMA is rather making itself look desperate by investing such a huge amount on a campaign with apparently no profit. But we must understand the workings of the marketing industry to know the significance of this campaign. The direct marketing industry is worth billions of dollars and while IT and other markets are failing, consumer marketing is growing at an annual rate of an astounding 5%. If you take a look at last year’s figures, you will see that $163 billion was spent on direct marketing. Direct marketing also uses data lists of consumers but according to the agency and its latest campaign, they do not step over the privacy line and will always ensure that the consumers are given full freedom in that aspect.

Pressure from the Government?

Another reason for this expensive campaign might be due to an indirect pressure from the government. Although there are no reliable sources to suggest that the government might have had a hand in this, you cannot rule it out, especially since the presidential elections are going on. Online and offline privacy are the biggest concerns in today’s world, especially since we leave digital footprints all over the place. If someone has to track you, internet is THE source and we can safely assume that the World Wide Web will not disappoint the tracker if he/she has the right tools and resources.

What Are The Implications?

You might wonder why a marketing agency is spending so much just to let you know that you are, and can shop without being tracked, there are a number of forces at play under the table. Consumers are the people who are driving today’s economy and if that dips due to privacy concerns, there will be a major imbalance in the economy that will be very hard to set right. Also, the advertising industry is a billion dollar industry and there cannot be any doubts in the minds of consumers about the methods adopted by advertisers. This will have an adverse effect on the success of ad campaigns that marketers cannot afford.

The good thing about this campaign is that we can at least get a sneak peek into how advertising industry works and we can safeguard ourselves more effectively using that information.

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