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E-Commerce Sites to Hurt From Online Privacy Measures

It is now a well known fact that online tracking is a very important part of advertising and marketing strategies. But privacy concerns have made people very cautious about online tracking. They do not want to be subjected to any kind of tracking even if it is to save their own personal preferences. This has caused two types of problems to e-commerce sites. Firstly, cookies give them vital information about consumer behavior and help marketing and advertising professionals in devising their ad strategy. Another application of cookies is to save the personal preferences of online consumers when they log in to shop. Without cookies, these preferences cannot be saved, denying the experience for a personalized shopping experience, something that shoppers rate very highly.

Security Experts are Downright against Cookies and Tracking 

There is no denying the fact that online security experts are downright against tracking cookies, even though you assure them that the companies will not organize the data on a personal basis. They vehemently advise the public to stop cookies/tracking online. There is also a good reason why experts are paranoid about cookies, how much ever the companies assure them that enabling cookies is a safe practice. That is the fact that even though companies don’t misuse it, hackers and other online miscreants will, sooner or later. And you cannot expect the general public to take the word of advertisers over the word of online security experts. This means that e-commerce sites will have to come up with a different way to develop marketing strategy with either little or no information from cookies as the cookies will be inactive in 99% of the places.

The Personalized Shopping Experience Factor 

When you log into a shopping site as a customer, you would want the page to be as you like. For example, on a particular site you want to shop for casuals only even though the store has other varieties of clothes on offer also. You wouldn’t want to browse to the casuals section every time you log in.

That is exactly what online shopping sites are trying to offer you. With the information they gathered from cookies, they will try to offer options to customers based on preferences. Continuing the previous example, when you want to shop for casuals, it would be very convenient if the new arrivals were displayed first. Especially if the items displayed are filtered based on the ones that you saw on your previous visit, that site will be preferred by you as a customer. This is exactly what the e-commerce sites can offer with cookies, but now, that service is very limited.

Browsers Offer a Modicum of Relief to These Sites 

While online security experts are not relaxing their take on tracking cookies, some browsers seem to have come up with a method in which both the security experts and advertisers are happy. Browsers like Google Chrome have a system in which the cookies will be activated as long as the user is logged into the site and will transmit the information that e-commerce sites require. But once you log out of the site, the cookies will get deleted from your computer automatically. With this method, the company also gets the information it needs to enhance the shopping experience and your safety is also assured as the cookies are deleted after you log out.

Judging by the latest trends, we can expect the security to get even stricter with time. The latest version of Internet Explorer from Microsoft comes with the ‘do not track’ option pre-enabled. If other companies also follow the suit, the job of online advertisers will become even more difficult.

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