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Absence of a Strong Reaction to Change in Microsoft’s Privacy Rules

When you sign in for a free email service, you might wonder how the company might meet the costs that are associated with providing such a service. The answer to this is the user data. The data that they gather when you are online and using their service is worth a lot of money and the companies will use this data to make profits. Microsoft recently announced that it will take more liberties with the data it will gather from some of the free services that include email, instant messaging, search engine, etc. This implies that they have made some major changes to the privacy policy that they were following. While the company has been publishing this change on all popular channels, the change is not getting the reaction that it warrants.

Lack of Reaction Surprising 

Privacy policy change is a very serious issue indeed, especially in an age where privacy is being violated quite openly. Microsoft admitting that it will take more liberties while collecting data from the users of its free services shows that not many people are exactly aware of the implications of this change. The company can now classify information based on your personal information also. If the data falls into wrong hands, the damage can be so bad that it will be practically impossible to recover from.

People Confused On Online Privacy Rules 

This lack of reaction shows that people are not exactly aware of the implications of the changes in the online privacy policy. With so many rules, regulations and changes happening, people are actually wondering which changes will have a positive effect and which will have a negative effect on their online privacy. Security experts keep raising their voices against the leading IT companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and Google telling that the privacy and security features are not sufficient. This has made the people think that the changes in privacy policy is another regular piece of news and that might be one of the reasons why the response has been lukewarm.

Google’s Privacy Changes were met with A Lot of Opposition

When Google made similar changes to its privacy policy, the reaction was very high in magnitude and Microsoft was at the forefront of opposition. There were full page ads in websites and even newspapers about how this privacy policy changes will destroy the concept of online privacy itself. But now that Microsoft has also done the same, people are not sure what is right and what is wrong. This is another instance that shows how people are confused about online privacy.

Lack of a Universal Privacy Regulating Body

One of the reasons for this confusion is the lack of a universal privacy regulating body. There are no benchmarks or a rulebook that shows what is right and what is wrong in online privacy rules. Also, there are 3 or 4 major online security companies and each of them has their own take on these changes in online privacy. This has resulted in the lack of interest towards the change that Microsoft has announced.

Implications of These Changes

One of the major advantages that companies like Microsoft and Google will have due to these privacy policy changes is that they have more rights to gather data. Even if you opt to browse in private, you cannot shop without being tracked or even browse with security. In today’s world, data is power and there is no telling to what lengths the data gathering exercise may grow to. Also, if the data warehouse falls into the wrong hands or if someone from the company itself goes rouge, then the data can cause damages of catastrophic levels.

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