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Education on Privacy Policy for New Facebook Users

Ever since Facebook came into picture, online privacy issues have increased exponentially. Even though you cannot say that Facebook is the sole cause for this, you cannot deny that it is one of the biggest contributors to this domain of issues. Although the social media giant has incorporated a number of changes that have increased the online privacy of the users, it still continues to be a target for online security experts in issues related to online privacy.

One of the biggest concerns of online security experts was that the privacy options available on Facebook was not very clear to users, especially the new ones. To address this concern, Facebook has made some major changes to its site and signup procedure. From this point onwards, new users will have access to detailed tutorials on how to use the array of privacy options available on the site. The developers of the social networking sites have also made some changes to make the privacy options easy to understand and activate.

Detailed Tutorials on Privacy Settings during the Signup Procedure

When new users register with Facebook, they will be given a tutorial on how exactly they can enable the different privacy settings available on the site. They also have a section that will explain the significance and effect of each of these options. This has been done in a bid to help the users understand what their privacy needs are and what are the security measures that they need. For example, users who use their office computers or other public computers need to have the highest level of security. This means that they will have to sacrifice a level of comfort in terms of usability of the site but that is a cost you bear to ensure that your personal information does not fall into the wrong hands. On the other hand, the people who use Facebook on smartphones and their personal computers need a different level of privacy settings.

Before These Changes Were Done, Privacy Options on Facebook Were Confusing

It was not that Facebook developers did not take online privacy seriously before this and just focused on improving the features on their sites. They do have elaborate security measures that allow you to protect your online privacy as comprehensively as any other secure site in the world. However, the biggest problem Facebook faced was in the fact that the users were not clear on what exactly online privacy protection was. Sure, everyone knows what online privacy is and how important it is to protect one’s online privacy. But the users were not clear on how exactly they could use the security measures available on Facebook to their advantage. The problem was that the developers used a lot of technical terms and complicated explanations to convey the importance to the users. But all that is set to change now as these updates will ensure that all users choose the level of privacy security that they want.

Improvement in Privacy Settings Also On the Agenda

According to the source that disclosed the aforementioned information, there are also some improvements in the privacy options set to take place. Anonymous social media accounts are being screened and deleted on a more regular basis now. Also the security flaw that allowed some accounts to be accessed without having to input a password is also fixed. Facebook is also in the process of unveiling some new privacy settings that they have come up with and the news on the block is that these settings are some of the most elaborate that you have seen till date. It seems that Facebook is indeed on its way to becoming one of the most secure social networking sites in the world but we can only wait and watch how things pan out in the future.

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