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Tools That You MUST Have In Your Online Security Toolbox

It is now a very well-known fact that the internet is a very dangerous place to be if you are not protected comprehensively. Even kids are trained to take online security risks very seriously and deal with them. While there is a lot of new information that comes about on a daily basis, there is a major drawback of having so much information at your disposal. You are so worried about the latest security risks that you tend to forget the existing risks and that is exactly the moment of weakness that online miscreants and malicious software are on the lookout for.

It is not enough if you stop cookies/tracking online, install some online security software and forget about it. Online security is never complete and all it takes for your computer to get infected is to let your guard down momentarily. On the same note, there are some vital tools that you must make use of on a regular basis to ensure your online security. This article will highlight those tools and their significance briefly.

Online Security

Software to Protect You against Malicious Software

As much as online security is a million dollar industry, creating malicious software and viruses gets you even more. There are innumerable types of malicious software on the internet and we can say with a fair degree of certainty that even the leading online security solutions vendor is not aware of all of them. Chief among them are viruses, spyware, malware, adware, Trojans, worms, etc. These are the identified threats and almost all the online security tools offer protection against them.

There are different versions of such malicious software and online security service providers release regular updates so that your virus database has all the information needed to keep your computer safe. Make sure you have a tool from one of the leading online security solutions provider even if it is going to cost you some money. The investment is worth its weight in gold.

Protection against Intrusions and Hacking

While some attacks are caused by malicious software, there are times when malicious tools and even hackers with computers try to actively access your system and steal information. The tools that prevent unsafe connections to your computer are Firewalls and the like. For the sake of simplicity, let us assume that Firewalls is the generic term for all intrusion protecting software. Most of the antivirus tools come with in-built firewalls. Even if they do, there is no harm in installing a second firewall. Unlike antivirus tools, firewalls can work together and increase the level of protection of your computer.

Your Effort in Protecting Your Online Privacy and Security

There are many hacking techniques that involve enticing you to click on a malicious link, ignoring the warnings from your security system. These kinds of attacks are designed in such a way that you manually bypass your security barriers, virtually throwing the gate open for malicious software to invade your computer. Ensure that your refrain from actions that are likely to compromise your online security and privacy. Also, some attacks are orchestrated to take advantage of your ignorance. For example, if you visit a site that does not have SSL encryption, you have entered into a zone where every move can be tracked. If someone manages to get a tracer on you at that point of time, all the security software in the world cannot protect you. Keep all you applications and your operating system up to date. Also use applications only from developers with a valid security certificate. Developers who have a security certificate follow all the latest security protocols that ensure you have the best level of security. 

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  1. November 16, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Cookies aren’t intrinsically bad, I just think having a blase behaviour about them probably isn’t a great idea.

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